kickstart, Nuerva Cover and How This process is going to work

kickstart, Nuerva Cover and How This process is going to work

Kickstart and Nuerva Cover HEY! So, as titled, i’m still trying to figure out the Cover for Nuerva. Thanks for all the feedback on last week’s images, from that i gathered that i needed to merge two images together. So i came up with this design: My protagonist in the middle, the “box” around tells […]

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Loving Him 17″*35″

Girl with wolf 39″*39″

Loving Her 17″*35″


Celebrate Thy self 39″*39″

Be An Alpha 39″*39″

Protect the innocent 39″*39″












Oil Paintings

Freaks Like Me 10/19

My Girls

WELCOME to my Gallery!

These are all my artworks, photography, traditional painting, sculpture, digital art, matte painting…. everything. I hope you like my art, I work in the field all my life. I hope that one day i’ll be able to earn enough money to sustain myself and live as an artist in a place that appreciates my art. You can subscribe to my Blog, I write about my life as an artist and about projects. You can always write me a personal message, even just to say “HI!”. I always like hearing from fans or visitors. this is the best gallery I could build, I think it’s cute.

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