From what country are you? care to tell me?

From what country are you? care to tell me?

BEFORE ANYTHING Could you do me a favor and tell me from what country you are from? HEY! OK good news, i finally found a fulfillment company that i liked with good prices. I’m going to use ShipBob  I keep remembering their name like “SpongeBob” but instead of cleaning it’s about mail. They have a great […]

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Book covers, Concept art
2D textures & Character design

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Loving Him 17″*35″

Girl with wolf 39″*39″

Loving Her 17″*35″


Celebrate Thy self 39″*39″

Be An Alpha 39″*39″

Protect the innocent 39″*39″












Oil Paintings

Freaks Like Me 10/19

My Girls

WELCOME to my Gallery!

These are all my artworks, photography, traditional painting, sculpture, digital art, matte painting…. everything. I hope you like my art, I work in the field all my life. I hope that one day i’ll be able to earn enough money to sustain myself and live as an artist in a place that appreciates my art. You can subscribe to my Blog, I write about my life as an artist and about projects. You can always write me a personal message, even just to say “HI!”. I always like hearing from fans or visitors. this is the best gallery I could build, I think it’s cute.

If you like my gallery you can share my gallery on facebook or any platform you’d like. social buttons are on the bottom.

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© Omri Koresh, Steal and i’ll kill you.
(Joking… Or am I?)

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