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Omri Koresh is an Israeli born artist, he draws in digital art and oil paintings. He also creates doll / statues which are continuously exhibited at Vitrine at Tel Aviv port. Every single piece of art he makes has his own unique twist with a somewhat erotic tendency.

He was drawn to art from an early age, receiving his first inspiration from his father's painting. He soon began to create his own craft, decorating his mother's walls. Since then there was never a question in his mind, this is what he was born to do and what he loves doing.

Though he creates art in multitude of styles, he favors low-brow, pop-surrealism and everything gothic. Sometimes his work is completely dark and devoid of colors, other times it is flowing with every color of the rainbow.

His plans for the future is to work expand further into the international scene, to see the world and if possible exhibit everywhere. Life is short, and there is still so much to see and do.

His current artworks include a Graphic Novel which is created right now, various designs of doll sculptures and a book cover in the digital art.


Omri Koresh
March 1986
Kfar Saba, Israel


B.F.A. Art, Shenkar - College of engineering and design. 2013. Israel.


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Orly Dvir Gallery / 2017, Apr, Group Exhibition / Israel

ART Taipei / 2017, Mar, Group Exhibition / Art Taipei

Contempop Gallery/ 2015-2016 / Israel-NY

Mid-Summer Scream / 2016, Jul,

Group Exhibition/ LA, Long Beach, USA

Undressed / 2016, May, Group Exhibition / Miami, Florida

ART Taipei / 2016, Apr, Group Exhibition / Art Taipei

ART Taipei/ 2015, Nov, Group Exhibition / Art Taipei

Dollhouse / 2015, Sep, Solo Exhibition / Hankin Gallery, Holon, Israel

Vitrina / 2013 - 2016 permanent Exhibition / Comme Il Faut, Tel Aviv Port, Israel

Autumn Fall | Live / 2013 Group Exhibition / The Jewish Museum / Berlin

The Story of the Creative / 2013 Group Exhibition / See|Exhibition Space, Queens, New York

Digital Art Califonia / 2013 Digital Exhibition / Gold Stellar Art Award

Shenkar Graduation Exhibition / 2012 solo Exhibition / Jabotinsky 9, Ramat-Gan, Israel


Working and living in Israel. 

Represented by Orly Dvir Gallery
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