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Born in Israel, Omri Koresh is an artist and author, working in the local art scene and sometimes exhibiting work in group shows abroad. He loves to create pop, fantasy art. He is currently focused on oil paintings, photography/mixed media and digital art, mostly for commercial work.

Sometimes he makes dolls, but that’s just for fun. (:

Recently, omri koresh, has worked closely with American McGee, creating concept art for the upcoming game Alice Asylum.

omri koresh, recently published his first book, an illustrated masterpiece called The Black City of Nuerva, which showcases his stylish creativity.

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“The Black City of Nuerva”

The book is a personal journey, written in first person. The main character is written as both male and female. The book is full of original artwork, with 60 paintings created as a re-interpretation of what is actually happening in the various scenes in the story. The book and the original artwork took several years and a lot of hard work to complete, and I am really excited to share it with you.


The day of the attack, I was sitting at the park, reading a book. Slavers rode in on monstrous ships. They took everyone, including me.

I was taken to a horrible black city called Nuerva, where the buildings were jagged lines cutting across the sky. A man, the Captain, took me as his plaything and kept me as his own prisoner. After many days, I finally found the courage to escape.

Alone and frightened, I ran to the furthest edge of the city, and there I found hope. There was another city in the distance—a bright, colorful one. All I had to do was cross the bridge.

I didn’t make it. I was shot at the edge of that bridge which connected the light and the dark cities, moments from freedom.

But I wouldn’t die just yet. It wasn’t my time.

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