Alice! Dolls! Exhibitions! Barcelona and Romania!

HI! here’s your monthly update! some stuff is happening artistically and some stuff is happening at work on Alice! so let’s begin with Alice. American said on the stream it took him a bit to get the MEME. i think only if you are a meme user only then you know Memes. friends of mine didn’t get the joke either, it’s funny as it’s my most Favorited image on IG! i love memes, love love love love them.

i found this cool cosplayer from Russia, @whitenoise_ai_cosplay and she is a really good seamstress! she made this dress for another cosplayer, it’s so amazing to me that people literally sit for hours to create something i designed- for me it’s a big deal! i love to sew but if you’ll see those dresses that I MAKE you’ll see that i’m not really good at that, i just know how to make it look eventually good. but it’s not sewn well! so to see someone executing something so well and exact, wow, i’m humbled.

i’m considering perhaps to revisit the dresses again when we will continue with Alice: Asylum. it’s like, the Denial dress and the Red Dress are mega popular. i didn’t see a Chaos dress or a Harvest dress yet but they are, i think popular by design. i don’t know if they were not created because they are too complex OR they are just not interesting enough? Either way, it’s clear that some of the designs will need to be revisited. so i think this can be fun and Also i really want a bunny onesie but it’s not on our pipeline to actually make those yet, perhaps in the future. i want to see a cosplay of that already!

still from all the Art we did on Queensland, this is the art that i liked most although it’s not in that realm. i really like the hands, i like how they came out, i can’t wait to get to depression to see how everything will click in that realm. i want to get my hands on the crying statue!! we are looking for a new Atmospheric artist, we needone but i Honestly, can’t find someone that i know their work, they need to work fast and be at mine and Joey’s level, every artist that i saw… didn’t really make the cut. so i’ll keep you guys posted, i wish we can get a good artist, we need the boost!

Now my news! After i finished the big painting “Silk” i thought that i needed a break and i thought to paint Marlin Monroe in another triangle canvas that i had and, well, it came out pretty horrible to i changed her face into this:

i don’t like the Old, Classic makeup, there’s something not slutty enough. i don’t love this painting but it’s cute, i think that when eventually i’ll get 20 good paintings to exhibit it’s cool to have some of them not masterpieces, although it’s preferred… DRESSES!

3 new dresses! and i thought YAY i’m almost done with them… nope. a woman called “Kesem” wrote to me on facebook about that she had TONS of jewelry and she thought that i can use those materials, in the pic it’s only 50% of what i got, it’s an ikea bag!! so remember these images! they might CHANGE.

So now i thought…. you know, i can 1. upgrade all my dresses 2. i have to make a dress that’s made of jewlery! so wish me luck! Overall with the dolls i will get in touch with a 3dPrint place that i got my eyes on and get a quote, OR fix my goddamn machine, it broke.

IMI: the last update, as i wrote before, the photography project was closed, i contacted a woman, Shlomit, she’s a Dr. in something academic, she wrote the text for the exhibition in English and Hebrew and i contacted a curator and we are actively looking for a gallery! i’ll update you guys when there will be news.

Barcelona! remember that i wrote that i’m going to create a lobby for a company? it should happen this month, so next month’s update will probably will be all about that. hopefully it will be a pleasant experience and i won’t want to kill everyone.

LAST ONE I SWEAR. i’m going to a small vacay, a friend is celebrating his bachelor party at Romania! so i’m going and it’s going to be fun, so again, next month, if there will be anything funny and interesting i’ll share. i’m planning to go to the strippers and take selfies with them and hashtags them “Photo-shoot!” so it will look like i’m actually working in Romania but i’m just at a strip club. LOL. straight people are odd.