About: Apples

Howdy! so those on DA already know the shit, i finished the paint, “Apple boy” and it turned very very bad…..why?

i’ll tell you why, first see the image for those who didn’t see it

MY EYES!! MY EYES!!… wait, where’s the apple?

ok so i thought that it’s cool! i never painted something this COLORFUL and FULL of details, so i thought it’s good, right now i’m experimenting with color, after the session May gave me i had to keep working on my color harmonies! so i tried to put a lot of kinds of different colors everywhere and it came out, eventually, neon-ie that i didn’t see at the start, i only noticed it after someone on DA told me! and too much water, too much muchness! i like sticking things where they don’t belong but here i went overboard, and yes pun intended i like this guy because he is SO weird but on the other scale, if i’m 10% and 90% say it’s Meh it’s Meh.

SO! i fixed it up a bit

OH! the apple is there!! >>>>>>>>>>>^

so i like it much better and only now i understand that experimenting with color, composition, anatomy etc is great!… as long as it’s done in good taste, on my Strawberry girl, left, i put a lot of stuff and twisted her up, i much prefer to do things like these, that are surreal and have strange anatomies in traditional paint because it always comes out better!

so i think i will separate the two, i’ll make fan-art on the digital and “Paintings” on traditional because i tried on several occasions to mix the two, never worked.

so. hmm. i think that’s it for now.

but if you read this you need a treat.

next paint, Adam from the Malkavians.

so of course i’ll give you His bio:

Adam was always the shy one, kept to himself, when Trish confessed him the rape she went through, he stopped believing in god and he gave her a plan for killing the priest, seduce him, go into his bed, cuddle and poison, make sure to get caught so the Church will cover it up. he started studying bio engineering at a different university and although he was at the top of his class he dropped out and did a tour of the far east and afterwords of Europe while maintaining a steady relationship with Trish, which when he was 24 he told Trish by phone of him being gay while having his first boyfriend in Barcelona.
he planned a visit to the US for Trish’s (now Ash) 23 birthday.

he can see the future and he is the one that makes the plans and has the patience for both, is hardly annoyed but when annoyed he is dangerous.


of course these previews are WIPs i always work on everything at once so nothing is final until i say so, his hair looks finished but it’s not for example.

toodles! next time, i’ll talk about censorship and why it sucks.