Product Design is an app that connects between caregivers and patients. It includes chat, activities, tracking and giving treatments and feedback. In this way instead of using a few apps to talk to clients it’s inside in a single one.
I modified the UX and Branded, designed the full UI and gave feedback.


UI design
UX Tweaking
Web design


Juno Group
Eran Palmon


3 weeks

Final Design


Client gave me a basic wireframe they built. They wanted me to “pretty it up” but the issue is that the UX wasn’t great. So I had to walk with them step by step to optimize it. Only afterwards I was able to create brand identity.


I wanted a final product which will be very similar to the original wireframes, not to re-invent the wheel and to have a calm and clean experience.



Fix, simplify & minimize the UX


Understanding the brand


Web Design

01. fixing the UX

After talking to the Clients they agreed to simplify and minimize the UX.

The app on the top is too thick and it makes all the information too low.

Although not all screens were ready I had a good sense to give them a full style guide for future reference.

for the Patient and the Caregiver, I wanted them both to have the same experience. 


02. Understanding the brand

The logo represents two streams, a “hug” the circle is the patient and around it, it’s the river.

After many trials and errors we picked Mint. It is a clean color, a fresh color.

We wanted an app that’s slick and welcoming for individual users. 

03. Web Design

Client already had a full copy for the site. They requested that I’ll design for them the main page. Keeping with the theme.


Final Design

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