Apple Boy’s Blue Apples!

i always wondered how do blue apples taste like, i bet they will taste very very sweet, even sweeter than the red ones! something like that blue liqueur that i drank too much of at a wedding of a friend from work and when i vomited it in the toilets i was like “OOH! PRETTY! i want a shirt in that (Blue) Color! *Buhgghh vomit*** ”

so here is the shit, this guy pissed me off, his red pink hair, that goddamn skin texture ok! it was a long long period of time spent on this that i really don’t want to repeat ever again!

ladies and gentelmen meet:

APPLE BOY! (sounds like a bad superhero name no?)

so here, finally finished! i’m using somethings from him on my upcoming tutorial but first i want to see if i can make it in flash because it’s so much comfortable than to scroll down endlessly.

well some words on this image? yes? ok, i’m experimenting with color more, if it’s visible, i really tried to make this one look “Alive” and let it rip some ass, besides i tried to create something that is on one hand very elegant and clean and the other a tad nasty and disgusting i hope it worked, only YOU the viewer can decide! so VOTE goddammit on the bottom!

so now i did a purple strawberry and a blue apple, let’s see what fruit will come next.
next up to get finished are the Malkavians, the one you saw on the earlier post,

Adam & Ash! let’s get this baby rocking!!