August Sale & ILTV Interview

august sale,


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WELL. Yes if you remember my earlier post, YES the interview included Orly… I cut her out of the interview. Never wanted her with me, she was rude backstage, talked nonsense, i really had enough of her- Even talked to the PR woman and she said to go for it. So this is MY interview, online everywhere i’ll just lie and say it’s a Solo act.

It was very peculiar to get interviewed like that. Also i had the second interview (25 minutes) that i’ll write about next week. I don’t have the materials yet and frankly it deserves so much more attention story-wise.

2. I want to name this blog “Make Omri Famous” Thoughts? Should i go for it?

It’s totally narcassistic but it’s also… kinda true. Should i title it “Make Omri Famous”? right above all the posts.

3. I’m doing an AUGUST SALE 

august sale


which means really cheap art, i’m not pitching for a sale here but i would love it if you’d send your friends or something, i’m selling from 30-60$ small art pieces that i need to get rid of. what that i won’t be able to sell i’ll give to my mum or dismantle, I need the space. On my solo exhibition, Dollhouse at 2015 i sold most of my stuff.. these stuff were not sold because people actually didn’t understand that they could buy them without buying the full furniture and since then I sold most of the parts.



It’s cute creepy stuff.  I hope i’ll find them a good home, It’s good fucking work! and it’s pretty! and i really wish people will dig it. This August Sale is literally for August, Just august. On September i’ll Decide what to do with the stuff.

You can write be back to this email OR ON SITE HERE 

Wish me luck, i hate feeling like a sleazy salesman /: