Beyond Good & Evil

OMG! God Loves me (:

so after Alice 2
now World of DARKness!
now Beyond Good & Evil re-release HD
SO FUCKING COOL! i love that game,

these are the three most favorite games that I LOVE! in THAT order!

Beyond Good and Evil is being re-textured. i hope i could get a pack for retexturing myself so i could make it edgier.

and anyway i was going to do a FanArt for this game, so now i’ll have to wait until the “New” game lunches so i could make the characters actually look like the new ones, i want it similar and not so much in my own style, but Yes i want it edgy.

i asked “Art-Zealot” to paint her “Redemption” because it’s very cool and has good potential to be a kickass work and She Said YES! so i will, i even made a sketch but now i have to wait! WHOO HOO!! that’s a good thing,

they wanted to make a sequel but they are fucking losers so they didn’t.

About: Censorship

did you know that DA ( have a policy that hard cocks and spread pussies are forbidden as “Art” if you didn’t, you should, because i saw myself some spread pussies that could fit the world inside of them. i didn’t see hard cocks though.

and i have to say that i saw incredible art in the REAL art world that has cock and pussies doing what god intended for us to do but i understand perfectly DA because it’s a site that has a lot of Teens and Teens are horny like fuck and if they won’t forbid it it will turn into a porn site.

up until now i painted three images who are very naughty, like Paris Hilton only with good taste.

OH YOU WANT TO SEE? (of course you do, you pervs)

SO!! first up Collin Farrel & Francois Sagat the Sagat is my favorite porn star, he can take it up the ass like a real champ, so i searched the internet for a picture of Sagat getting it up the ass so i found a very photogenic photo here is the original on the left, i loved the composition and their skin is so shiny and pretty although i prefer white pale pale pale blond bleached blond gaga blond guys with huge muscles and chest hair. love albinos.

this was actually separated by 6 square each 25×25 CM the exercise was to paint a paint in parts, so together it’s 75×50 CM i merged it with photoshop and it’s acrylics on cardboard and when i presented it to the class i separated the parts by 15 CM to each side, it came out very pretty so here’s my paint

when i painted that my family freaked especially my mother. such hypocrites! there is so much nude arts of women and literally porn painted pictures that are in important galleries and people buy them just like any other art! sex is a part of life!

second one, Poison Ivy, i just knew i had to paint my Ivy perfectly! i found a reference and copied her anatomy and the rest is made up look!

so i didn’t spread all that much her pussy it’s mainly color, i gave it a texture of a wild flower, and her nipples i gave them a touch of flower shape and some pink juice, a face that resembles a china doll, a baby face, Large eyes! and that pretty pretty red hair, too bad it can’t be a natural hair! and some animals in the background, and if you can notice Batty over there.

i put time and effort in designing her and i still think her pussy isn’t all that wide, i saw worse things on DA, oh btw i hate painting boobs, i just suck at that, they always come out as squares, i don’t look at them so i don’t really paint them (:

next up!! LUCIFER!! the devil!

i always wanted to paint a large hard cock, just once because i didn’t have one on my gallery, i think diversity is key to have an interesting gallery and uniquenessess, so i thought “Hmm, if i would paint the devil, how can i make him look like”
so of course he had to be gay, hot, sweaty & kinky & popart related so i mixed up my favorite things, white hair, muscles, fire, tattoos blood and sweat. OH! and shit load of piercings on his cocksicle.

so this was about censure, i hope you enjoyed it, until next time that i’ll paint something that’s M rated.


for those who are ignorant yet i will teach you! it was a movie that was directed by Fritz Lang, Wikipedia it to find info.


this movie was influenced by Cubism & Futurism, Google it, it’s a fucking masterpiece that now after who knows what additional 25 minutes of film was added to this 2:15 movie! i love this movie and i heard that the “Complete” version is coming out, not in israel as i know because people here are SO LAME but that’s besides the point.


i saw Xtina’s cover for Bionic and at that second i knew i had to do a painting for Metropolis,

it reminded me of the original poster with all those cool lines of motion and the Futuristic look of 1927, interesting how things developed, today when we look at the future we think everything will be round and whatever that we will design will look like slime because it won’t have any sharp corners.

so! if you Don’t know David Lachapelle you should and while at it be ashamed that you didn’t.

Google it, this is not story time. well he did several pictures with GAGA so i saw this one up there and i was like “OMG! Metropolis NOWW!!!!!”



there is this beautiful Israeli model, Galit Gutman, so i thought that she could be the robot although in my original thought i was considering Nicole Kidman but i went for the third most beautiful woman instead of a girl that might look eventually like a parrot. i tried to work on a Clean kind of feeling and make it look like a Sci-Fi poster, i worked with white a lot it was fun and kinda new to me, i hate painting Chrome it’s fucking annoying, her hair is painted and her face is from a picture with alterations, the buildings are pictures but everything there was covered by paint.



so i hope you like her boo- i mean face and now i’ll give you a
wallpaper version 1600×900, that’s the largest i can on this Blog.



LEAVE ME COMMENTS! so i’ll know you were here and rate it at the bottom so i’ll know what i should make more of.
so. i think that’s it for now, bye fuckers (:

About: Apples

Howdy! so those on DA already know the shit, i finished the paint, “Apple boy” and it turned very very bad…..why?

i’ll tell you why, first see the image for those who didn’t see it

MY EYES!! MY EYES!!… wait, where’s the apple?

ok so i thought that it’s cool! i never painted something this COLORFUL and FULL of details, so i thought it’s good, right now i’m experimenting with color, after the session May gave me i had to keep working on my color harmonies! so i tried to put a lot of kinds of different colors everywhere and it came out, eventually, neon-ie that i didn’t see at the start, i only noticed it after someone on DA told me! and too much water, too much muchness! i like sticking things where they don’t belong but here i went overboard, and yes pun intended i like this guy because he is SO weird but on the other scale, if i’m 10% and 90% say it’s Meh it’s Meh.

SO! i fixed it up a bit

OH! the apple is there!! >>>>>>>>>>>^

so i like it much better and only now i understand that experimenting with color, composition, anatomy etc is great!… as long as it’s done in good taste, on my Strawberry girl, left, i put a lot of stuff and twisted her up, i much prefer to do things like these, that are surreal and have strange anatomies in traditional paint because it always comes out better!

so i think i will separate the two, i’ll make fan-art on the digital and “Paintings” on traditional because i tried on several occasions to mix the two, never worked.

so. hmm. i think that’s it for now.

but if you read this you need a treat.

next paint, Adam from the Malkavians.

so of course i’ll give you His bio:

Adam was always the shy one, kept to himself, when Trish confessed him the rape she went through, he stopped believing in god and he gave her a plan for killing the priest, seduce him, go into his bed, cuddle and poison, make sure to get caught so the Church will cover it up. he started studying bio engineering at a different university and although he was at the top of his class he dropped out and did a tour of the far east and afterwords of Europe while maintaining a steady relationship with Trish, which when he was 24 he told Trish by phone of him being gay while having his first boyfriend in Barcelona.
he planned a visit to the US for Trish’s (now Ash) 23 birthday.

he can see the future and he is the one that makes the plans and has the patience for both, is hardly annoyed but when annoyed he is dangerous.


of course these previews are WIPs i always work on everything at once so nothing is final until i say so, his hair looks finished but it’s not for example.

toodles! next time, i’ll talk about censorship and why it sucks.

Apple Boy’s Blue Apples!

i always wondered how do blue apples taste like, i bet they will taste very very sweet, even sweeter than the red ones! something like that blue liqueur that i drank too much of at a wedding of a friend from work and when i vomited it in the toilets i was like “OOH! PRETTY! i want a shirt in that (Blue) Color! *Buhgghh vomit*** ”

so here is the shit, this guy pissed me off, his red pink hair, that goddamn skin texture ok! it was a long long period of time spent on this that i really don’t want to repeat ever again!

ladies and gentelmen meet:

APPLE BOY! (sounds like a bad superhero name no?)

so here, finally finished! i’m using somethings from him on my upcoming tutorial but first i want to see if i can make it in flash because it’s so much comfortable than to scroll down endlessly.

well some words on this image? yes? ok, i’m experimenting with color more, if it’s visible, i really tried to make this one look “Alive” and let it rip some ass, besides i tried to create something that is on one hand very elegant and clean and the other a tad nasty and disgusting i hope it worked, only YOU the viewer can decide! so VOTE goddammit on the bottom!

so now i did a purple strawberry and a blue apple, let’s see what fruit will come next.
next up to get finished are the Malkavians, the one you saw on the earlier post,

Adam & Ash! let’s get this baby rocking!!

May the color be with you!

so i was at my friend May, she’s a fucking awesome girl and we had lots of fun and we ate something weird with rice/milk/butter and some strange mushrooms. i know what you’re thinking, not that kind of mushrooms! dirty minds!
so after that i showed her my new stuff so she’d be updated and could laugh at my face for being a moron (: i love when she does that. so i showed her my Ariel

and she said like “she’s DEAD!” and i’m like “well you know the way i like dead people..” and she’s like “Not. that. kind-of. dead.” she said it’s “Bad Dead” and she explained to my the coloring way, apperantly that’s what they were trying to teach me at art school but i just didn’t understand what they want from me! it’s so annoying that my teacher, Gilad, such a fuckface, anyway he tried to explain to me how to use color properly to make the characters look maybe pale but defnintly realistic, so it’s like this:

1. Chevreul’s color theory
2. light/color calculation, (you think what color of light and what color of object)
3. painting language- if there is blue in the picture there should be somewhere yellow or red or orange, something to contrast with the blue- like if you put the yellow the blue pops out orange anyway so the yellow would be enough to be warm.

so after she babbled my mind for being stupid i recolored Ariel

Ariel is Alive!!

i think she’s MUCH better! i added pinks and reds and some dark orange on everything, and the theme stayed blue and dark and cool and pretty but now she’s a WOMAN! not a painting.

… on the way i fixed her right eyebrow/hairline/lips and left cheekbone as well as the shadow on her forehead.

SO lesson learned!! Thank you May (:

and now i’ll give you another preview of the new painting.

and i’m giving you a piece that will tell you NOTHING at all on the whole image, i’m fun no?

so right now i got to go celebrate the Jewish new year, but it’s not fun because there isn’t a pedophile in a red and white costume bounching off kids on his *ahem* knees but i got a dinner party with friends.

“unfortunately” my dad was sick on the holiday so i had to stay at home and paint all day, you can imagine how sad i was, me and my computer all alone watching house episodes and painting. oh, poor me.

i just can’t stand holidays- that don’t involve heavy drinking, being a Jew is like “they tried to kill us – let’s eat something!” i constantly gain weight, like everybody else, on holidays and than i look like a sac of potatoes, yuck!

oh well, let’s hope after this holiday season my pretty waistline won’t disappear.

PS. i really don’t want to go back to school.

New Work Preview

OK! this is a preview of my next or not work, i usually work on several stuff together because i get bored easily and because i don’t have a deadline for anything so i can just work according to my mood!

so this is the preview, it’s an eye if you didn’t notice. and it’s staring at you. to watch this blog! i’m adding shit here and it’s kinda cool because i have to post stuff here so it kinda forces me to work harder and paint more, cool system, too bad i don’t have the same thing only for a diet.

i will tell you about this character later when it will be finished (:

Remake: Children of Malkav

so i’m redoing my Children of Malkav,

i think they are just so BAD! they are SO not Insane!

….i just have to finish up a piece for my friend Pedro first! images to come…

so i’ll give you a little teaser of these new Malkavians

Ash: Omri! you are pissing me off, take the damn photo!!

see the BIG difference? SHE’S NUTS!
isn’t she cute? (say yes or she will rip your fucking head off)

and yes there is a boy on the left part of the picture, it has so much more work to go into it, and i need to work badly on her hair,
now i decided that i needed some kind of “history” for both of them so, let me detail this,

her name is Patricia, Trish was the nickname, but as she was Embraced she changed it to Ash.

she was raped at the age of 11 by the Priest of her hometown catholic Church, she never believed in god anyway, in response at the age of 13 she seduced him and poisoned him while they cuddled in his bed, the plan was planned by Adam, her brother. since then she played with men to get whatever she wants, at the age of 20 she started to study Law in a University and at the age of 23, at her birthday, she was embraced. and she has a thing for cats.

she started to have violent outbursts due to her maklavian power but in time she learned to control it, she’s physically powerful and easily annoyed only Adam can calm her down.
it’s just general enough and specific enough to get the important stuff.

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