Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil

OMG! God Loves me (:

so after Alice 2
now World of DARKness!
now Beyond Good & Evil re-release HD
SO FUCKING COOL! i love that game,

these are the three most favorite games that I LOVE! in THAT order!

Beyond Good and Evil is being re-textured. i hope i could get a pack for retexturing myself so i could make it edgier.

and anyway i was going to do a FanArt for this game, so now i’ll have to wait until the “New” game lunches so i could make the characters actually look like the new ones, i want it similar and not so much in my own style, but Yes i want it edgy.

i asked “Art-Zealot” to paint her “Redemption” because it’s very cool and has good potential to be a kickass work and She Said YES! so i will, i even made a sketch but now i have to wait! WHOO HOO!! that’s a good thing,

they wanted to make a sequel but they are fucking losers so they didn’t.

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  1. Wow like a week ago i played Beyond good and evil again…

    Won it in 1 day XD,i don't know how did i remember all the stuff but i did =D

    Now i gotta find that HD re release that didn't know about >_<

    Anyway thanks for the tip =D

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