BIG Update

hello everyone! i added this Nifty thing; now you can
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it’s red and huge to tell you in a delicate gesture to now read it again
-too bad i didn’t thought about that earlier ‘^^
anyway let’s start we have some caching up to do!


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Marius & Amadeo, Two Dudes, from the Vampire Chronicles, Close up on shit is on the bottom of the post! i was asked to do this couple by several people over and over so i thought why the heck not so i painted them in a 15th century room, although it has a touch of modernism, i didn’t put tons of textures and stuff around just because i thought it will be too much for this composition, this is a collab with Anke Grunwal the bitch so fucking talented, she made the contours for the Characters i did the rest, the background is mixed media characters are painted.


so! i remade Lestat in “Crimson Duvet” because he was SO WRONG after learning some anatomy i see how horrid it can be! left one is the fixed one right one is the older one, like Look at his ear! WTF man?! and how can his jawline be lighter then his cheeks? so i fixed it

if you follow me on twitter then you’d know that i was turned briefly into a Drag Queen for 3 hours, but you don’t know why, a friend is creating a “line” for gays (if that’s an english term) at a bar in my city and she needed a Drag Queen, she said i’m suppose to be a “Decoration” and talk to people and make them laugh, so i let everyone touch my fake boobs, i made them extra soft with pillow stuffing and it was so funny because at the start people were a bit embarrassed to queses those puppies but when they noticed how soft they are they squeezed it like Paris Hilton, i got a lot of compliments on the girls XD

walking with those heels really killed my feet but those stockings were hot! got two pictures here, the rest on my facebook i got photographed a lot and the makeup took an hour that a good friend put on me, as well the cloths are hers, Nina, she looks like a russian Angelina jolie, her on the right, i swear to god she’s only wearing makeup and no photoshop.
we picked together the ugliest possible mix of cloths for the outfit, it took 3 hours but all of it got paid off because i got paid! ha! funny words! and it was fun, now look how Horrid!! – pictures on my facebook!
 and lastly some Closeups from my work (:
i moved them from my DA gallery to here!
as well as the most important one, click for enlargement