Birthday, 31, Freaks like me, Life, video

Birthday, 31, Freaks like me, Life, video


HEY! i know i didn’t update last week, i was sick, again. I love winter, i love storms and rain and thunders and the fact that it’s freezing, i really love it. This winter though i get sick constantly! and i’m not one of those people that are sick often. So i took a week off doing promotional and i focused on “Freaks like me” (FLM) and i picked the Winning images. Finally there are 18 images that i’ll do, not 20. i still have to photograph Ivan Bobrikov for the last frame but we are waiting for his new tattoo to heal. (below Ivan before tattoos)I'm Not A Doll: Ivan Bobrikov

Yes i have a birthday! i’m 31 years old.

Usually i get a lot of traffic on my birthday so i tried to push myself into making a new video. Doing portraits is popular and quite cool, i was bored with the earlier one anyway, although i still got a cold (my voice is a bit lower than usual because of it) i made a cool video, hopefully it’s FUN. i really like the way it came out.


you can watch the video HERE if you are getting this through Email.

or Embedded if you are on the Site:



Me and the hubby are looking for a Lawyer to know what are out options are for immigration OR for me to get an artist Visa to work in the US. I keep working on my projects and i still need a manager because i SUCK at doing business. Other things i can do fluently, i think i present myself well and know some promotional stuff but i don’t know to WHO to approach and to do certain stuff.

My thoughts for 31? I need to know where i’m going in the future, what will happen. Some kind of plan to know how my art can evolve. I feel like i’m stuck and it’s my fault because i’m missing something. Maybe i need to sign up to more contests or sign up for “art residencies” (although i don’t like them). it’s like the “art” world is foreign to me and i have no idea where is my place in it. I need an answer in a year on “What’s the plan” i don’t want to be one of those people when they hit 40 they break apart.

BUT i’m working with Con-art magazine on 2 projects (remember the Circus), FLM, Painting in oils. Nuerva is going SLOW but i work on it. i’m planning to finish FLM and to focus more on painting and my book. Also I might be “presenter” of some sort at Con-art Mag lunch event.

Well this is it really! If you want you can comment back to this email (or on site). I’ll update you again in a week!

9 thoughts on “Birthday, 31, Freaks like me, Life, video”

  1. Happy birthday! And don’t let the cold get the best of you.

    I absolutely love the most recent portrait you did. Gold suits you so well. I’ve shown some of your works to my art lecturers and students in university. They were stunned. Your boy to girl pieces are super fascinating also because they never feel like too much. Just right. <3

  2. Wow, there’s noooo way you’re 31! You look young as hell! Happy birthday Omri 🙂
    I think you did an amazing job as usual actualizing the concept you had in your head. The portrait ended up looking fantastic.
    I also know what it’s like not to know where things are going. I’m 24 and I feel like that too. I hope you can get a visa to work in the US, as there are a lot of opportunities there that I know you could crush!
    Anyway, happy birthday again :).

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you are sick and the weather is lousy. I too am sick and the weather really sucks here in Minnesota, but hopefully in another few weeks it will give way to spring and all the glory of spring. Anywho, you are awesome as always. I don’t think your eyes are too small at all, they are gorgeous eyes, but I’m am always interested in your work so gold away. lol Have a better next week my friend. 🙂

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