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HEY! i know i didn’t update last week, i was sick, again. I love winter, i love storms and rain and thunders and the fact that it’s freezing, i really love it. This winter though i get sick constantly! and i’m not one of those people that are sick often. So i took a week off doing promotional and i focused on “Freaks like me” (FLM) and i picked the Winning images. Finally there are 18 images that i’ll do, not 20. i still have to photograph Ivan Bobrikov for the last frame but we are waiting for his new tattoo to heal. (below Ivan before tattoos)I'm Not A Doll: Ivan Bobrikov

Yes i have a birthday! i’m 31 years old.

Usually i get a lot of traffic on my birthday so i tried to push myself into making a new video. Doing portraits is popular and quite cool, i was bored with the earlier one anyway, although i still got a cold (my voice is a bit lower than usual because of it) i made a cool video, hopefully it’s FUN. i really like the way it came out.


you can watch the video HERE if you are getting this through Email.

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Me and the hubby are looking for a Lawyer to know what are out options are for immigration OR for me to get an artist Visa to work in the US. I keep working on my projects and i still need a manager because i SUCK at doing business. Other things i can do fluently, i think i present myself well and know some promotional stuff but i don’t know to WHO to approach and to do certain stuff.

My thoughts for 31? I need to know where i’m going in the future, what will happen. Some kind of plan to know how my art can evolve. I feel like i’m stuck and it’s my fault because i’m missing something. Maybe i need to sign up to more contests or sign up for “art residencies” (although i don’t like them). it’s like the “art” world is foreign┬áto me and i have no idea where is my place in it. I need an answer in a year on “What’s the plan” i don’t want to be one of those people when they hit 40 they break apart.

BUT i’m working with Con-art magazine on 2 projects (remember the Circus), FLM, Painting in oils. Nuerva is going SLOW but i work on it. i’m planning to finish FLM and to focus more on painting and my book. Also I might be “presenter” of some sort at Con-art Mag lunch event.

Well this is it really! If you want you can comment back to this email (or on site). I’ll update you again in a week!