Birthday and updates!

Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes. this year i’ll celebrate in “capsules” that is i’ll see friends individually and not havea full blown party which i usually do each year. it’s like 30 people at once. this birthday month is super awesome and pretty fun so far! birthday Month!

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Remember i told you i’m working on a Super secret project with an Unnamed Polish company?

well the project ended and unfortunately i can’t show anything to anyone besides on interviews- i can show from MY laptop, not online. the company’s investors decided not to go forward with the project at this time with the style we have created in an explanation that it’s “too big and complex” for right now. i don’t disagree, i don’t think that the team they have is capable of something this complex.

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i’m finally painting in oils, above will be the next one! and i sold almost ALL my dolls! i’m so relieved because i got them from the gallery and i don’t mess with sales! and i lost money because of the exhibition closing and i not only broke even i even got a little to spare. which for me as an artist- that someone is willing to give me money for my art is always a WOW factor for me. the only girl i didn’t sell just yet is Midea

omri koresh, birthday, art, painter, artist, author

i think i’ll save her until July in my studio and if she won’t sell i’ll give her to my mom. i finally understand how to paint men, also apparently i love extra masculine “straight” looking men Sissy boys. this will be the painting afterwards- i used @illiaGolem as a reference and he Graciously approved. i’m addicted to blonde men, Addicted. i don’t care if your skin is dark or if you are asian or black or whatever, i honestly don’t care about ethnicities, i care about hair color. be a blonde. and have proportion of course.

omri koresh, birthday, art, painter, artist, author

Apparently also when i mock sexuality and not take it seriously at all not only it works with the whimsical concept / world that i’m creating it also makes my art not look like porn. when i paint sexuality i paint porn. i don’t have that “fine line” most people that in an understanding what is sexy and what is pornographic. to me it seems totally the same.

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I’m working on my OWN game, i’m developing it. i might ask your help when i’ll feel comfortable sharing info about it, but let’s say it’s more of a whimsical Doom game. i want a fun game, a small one and with not too much depth, just a kill or be killed styled game. it’s not like i have an investor or anything but i thought.. well. i can write AND i can paint so i can just create this idea i had! why not.

a guy named Barry Keating that we kinda became friends that worked with the unnamed Polish company is a screen writer (? i think) and i asked him to send me if he can some pdfs so i’ll understand the difference between writing a novel and a Game document pitch. he did, i read and he’s helping me structure it correctly. the art? i’ll share with you guys my ideas and designs, it’s mostly for fun. i don’t expect ANYTHING to come out of it besides having my own project, let’s say…. Documented.

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YES i’m working on my second novel, it’s called “Amandla: book of shadows” it’s about the witch’s life Amanda from the first book and it’s a full on prelude for the first book. what was missing from the first novel was about the city itself. My narrator fell into this pitch black hole of a city, they didn’t know anything about the city so what the reader read about it- was what the main character knew. almost nothing.

So hopefully this one will fill up that gap AND be interesting enough as it’s own life story. i Like writing in a journal type of way.

i’m still working on her face, i’m still designing her look in my vision. i know she looks mixed and i know she kinda looks middle eastern or brazilian. but once i’ll hit her face correctly i’ll know who she is.

thank you for the birthday wishes, i love you all.