Finally got something right

HI! this month i’m going to talk about Alice later.. i got some personal stuff to share and talk about.

I have been going to therapy these last few months, never went, never tried to resolve stuff with someone’s help really. i learned very very early to kick out people who were terrible or dumb from my life YES including family members. and i built over the years a good steady family and good friends and i was the queen bee in highschool and had and still have Tons of good friends. Plus my husband for 8 years this august!

i’m very lucky but l also built this good and nurturing world around me, i took responsibility over it. I had a terrible childhood which fucked up things in my brain and that’s something i couldn’t “fix” and it does affect my life. Like, last month i talked about being a workaholic and that i work constantly and never take a proper break. so yes to your question, i get burned out a lot, every 4 months or so and i have times that i can’t do anything but stare at the wall a week at a time.

5 girls

I want to resolve anger issues and really understand why i’m afraid to really stop doing things. Anyway, I talked to my therapist and i resolved some smaller issues that actually have some major impact on my work. I thought about it, you know, i don’t enjoy creating dolls unless it’s for the fun of it and also Photography, I love to photograph and have a skinny pretty model in my studio, but again. Only for the fun of it, not to do it for a project.

Freaks Like Me: Billie Jean

so i decided not to do those things anymore, that is, If i want to photograph/create a doll I’m doing it for the FUN of it, not to make an exhibition. I want to get back to my true love which is to paint in oils. Now there’s another story there, perhaps just in my head but i hope you’ll get it. I used to paint dark images, a lot of black, dramatic and sad (obvi i was there mentally).

The Death of snow white, 2013

Eventually i was so fed up with those dark colors it made me want to puke so i tried to go 180 degrees to vibrant and colorful. That didn’t pan out either. I mixed it with instead of using models actually to sketch out ideas- from my natural hand the lines that come out are usually bizarre and surrealistic. so i tried that too, Didn’t pan out.

Israelsex Pride

I tried more poster styled art,

Omri artist

and than i tried pastels and it finally felt OK. Like yes this is the direction but “Not It”.

Dreaming Omrikoreshart

I am honestly trying to figure out who i am as an artist. Who and what do i like to paint, that is something of a mystery still. BUT i got something right. My latest painting “Soft” got something right.

Soft, Omri koresh

I don’t like colors all that much and i don’t like black and white images. i love a lot of light, i love beautiful girls, Lolitas preferred (which is odd because i like burly men LOL). i like, well, not positivity but more of a calmer tone? and with NO “But behind the mask” stuff. I like my images a but flat, i like the flatness. I’m still searching for that thing that will make me feel like a traditional artist and hopefully i’ll be able to pouch a good gallery to exhibit my work after i’ll have my style defined.

Silk – next painting

NOW (short) Alice news.

There are a lot of stuff i know that can’t talk about. i do have to say i was so suprised about the love that “Perfectly unbalanced” got. i had a discussion with a good friend of mine and she said it’s a masterpiece and i told her that i just wanted to paint those dresses pretty with a yin yang. She laughed at me and said that she doesn’t understand how I don’t understand what i painted.

Perfectly unbalanced, Alice asylum, Alice3

I fucking designed from scratch the Chesh plush, i mean who would of thunk that me, a HUGE random fan will create a cat that people from around the world will squish and love?! this is so cool! i made a physical item and it worked really well. American told on his stream that i’m helping out with organizing stuff and it’s true! we created the first draft for Shock and Slumber and we are working on the first draft for Denial. We got so many characters in this world, i hope it will feel rich as it should. I hope i’lll get a key role in designing the game. I don’t know how much American has faith in me but i hope that the next game will be even mroe amazing that the last.

Cheshire cat plushy

i want it to be DARK but not like a stupid 13th friday massacre thing. i want it psychologically dark and artistically None-Deviantart dark. anyway cross your fingers, thank you for reading (:

Berlin exhibition, i got the dates!


Berlin exhibition! i got the dates!!

first, thanks for feedback on last week’s design C is the winner! I agree, it’s the Best. So yup i’ll be exhibiting my work on the 10’th of march to April in Berlin. The 10’th is a day before my birthday, so it’s a cute present!

I thought about travelling to Berlin for 4 days but honestly, we are So tight with money this year that it’s not possible. As you guys know, we are going to buy a 3D print machine for my dolls.. materials. So much stuff that we need to buy and get for my career… I honestly don’t think we can afford it.

IF you remember I’m supposed to give them 2 art pieces, i wish i’ll manage to create 2 new dolls from 3d prints.

BUT i don’t know… Paintings OR Dolls? 

Art Updates



Surprisingly the first oil layer came out super close to the digital sketch. I have this weird tendency to give all my characters child-like faces with TINY noses and i lower the eyes and make them larger. I do it Automatically, I literally CAN’T control it. but besides his face, i’m surprised how FUN it was to paint this one. I have lots of details and skin and stuff to do, but it will be fun…. and just now i noticed i forgot the tattoo on the thigh- pinning that, will do.

Wonderchest 2017

berlin, wonderchest

Remember it? I was never happy with this design, it seemed not elegant enough, i didn’t like the general shapes OR the doll parts. it felt forced for me and the “Drawer” in the middle… something was a miss for me.

I re-did some parts.

Inside the drawer i made a small Wonderland Library, Alice in wonderland books, Alice objects, on the floor it’s written “through the looking glass” this was made with my phone, so when i’ll do it proper with a camera, you’ll be able to see more details.

I re-did the back and cleaned the top from the large construction that was there (took time but i managed to re-do the top) NOW, i’m happy with it.

I don’t know if i’ll add the swing OR objects on the top, it’s still getting dry from varnish, so only AFTER that i’ll be able to see it fully.

In conclusion

So, Berlin, i don’t know If i’ll want to show my dolls Or paintings, and i don’t think we can afford to travel. It saddens me that i just can’t get a job AND do studio work! I need a sugar-daddy LOL! no not really, it will be fine.

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What would you like to see? my dolls or paintings? if you had to choose one for this.

Design, Want to help me decide? + New Road ahead

Design choices!

First off, I’m working on my new painting series, Obsessions. I need to pick one design for “Bluetooth headphones”. Imagine that it’s being SOLD in stores, what would you like to buy?

design, omri koresh, painting, art, face, portrait, bluetooth

Write me your input, directly back to this email OR CLICK HERE.

Personally, I like all 3 designs but i love C with a Blue-Tooth engraved the most. (Look at image below).

design, omri koresh, painting, art, face, portrait, bluetooth

Tell me what you prefer, i would love some feedback on this. I want to play/reuse the design picked for all the electronics in this series. If it’s diamonds and gold or Cyborgi-style-borg thing or classical silver, the basic design really matters…

New Road

I’m planning next year’s big exhibition, It will be called “Play with me”. It will be an exhibition of dolls and Fashion, I’ll need to get some Fashion designers to create designs according to my dolls. This is the General concept, a fashion show and an art show combined. i’ll update you on all the processes, this will be Amazing!

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Thanks for supporting my art, we are currently at 157 People (: I am humbled.

Updates, Computer was in the shop and new Exhibition

updates, HEY! I didn’t update for two weeks, as my computer was in the shop! sorry for that But you know.. it’s my baby so it shouldn’t have problems ever.

SO WHAT IS UP? lots. I got so much stuff to write about i’m basically watering down everything.

GOOD NEWS, Updates

  1. I got a new small exhibition on the 23rd.
  2. My 25 minutes interview was recorded but they are having problems giving me the materials.
  3. I was invited to be a guest in a Panel of people who talk about gender equality in society, I was the “art side” of course. AGAIN, VIDEO…. Sometime later.
  4. I just had a small interview on my new exhibition on the 23rd, and i’ll start focusing on my DOLLS.
  5. My “Amir Guttman” Painting became a facebook sensation

updates, amir guttman

For my readers who are not from Israel i’ll explain who and what he was. He was a successful singer, dancer and choreograph gay man living in Israel with his children and husband, he died from drowning because he was actually saving his niece from drowning (stupid human error) and WHILE this was happening my country tried to ban Gay couples from adopting on the notion that we are SICK.

That’s the true face of Israel folks, where trans people can’t write their “new” gender on their ID, where two “dads” can’t be DADS on the child’s birth certificate, where Gay/lesbian people can’t LEGALLY get married. don’t let people tell you otherwise, this is directly from the horse’s mouth.

More Updates, AMAZING news!

The Great “Michal Sadan” who, i’ll remind you, is a Big shot in the local art scene is backing me up as a new upcoming artist. We sat down at a gallery exhibition she had and we talked about What my future should be. She said i should focus on my Dolls and create DOLLS, not anything else, D-O-L-L-S. So i said OK and that’s what i’m doing.


I got some fabrics i want to sew into dresses so i’m preparing the dresses beforehand for all of them, next one will be black (:

August Sale

it’s actually working! HERE


In the pic my fav piece (strange for me it wasn’t sold)

BOOK: Nuerva

But the book IS COMING, it doesn’t matter that i’m focusing on my dolls, i’m doing it still! I got around 23 paintings to finish the art section and after that i’ll need to layout the book itself and see if it works. Probably remove and change some of the frames… I’ll need BETA TESTERS, If any of you is interested, drop me a comment! but it will take a while, i’ll write you when it’s relevant although you’ll get updates here always.


Also…. I know this is so sad… i started to write the second book. i just had like the first paragraph down and i couldn’t stop writing, i’m pretty much at the middle of the basic story line. In the pic, one of the design layouts i thought for the logo and concept.

Story Time: Annoying people are annoying.
WARNING: This is kind of a rant, you can skip to the bottom if you want to.
I’m also considering doing this a weekly spot, i got lots of annoying people. Thoughts?

One of the models’s mom bought her print of the exhibition, which is a great compliment for an artist to be bought! but she bought the image from the gallery and TOOK IT OFF THE WALL. in the middle of the exhibition. Now that can happen, people can get confused and what not, it’s fine, it’s the gallery’s responsibility to make sure things like that don’t happen.

Anyway, so afterwards i wasn’t mad, i told the model just to drop by my place to i’ll be able to give her a certificate for the work and to sign it… you know, it’s a work of art… that’s how you evaluate the work… she said she’ll drop by. After a while she said she won’t and call her mother. I wrote to her mum like “Hey, this is the artist, when can you drop by the studio?” and also i mentioned that the gallery should of told her to wait with taking the artwork.

The bitch started ranting on about how Unprofessional i am and how RUDE i am for accusing HER for taking the art away… although i wrote “Gallery owner” not her. So I wrote to the crazy bitch that she’s rude and good luck and clarified that it’s, again, NOT her fault, it’s the gallery’s responsibility.

I talked to the model and told her her mom is a bit crazy and if she wants to drop by for a cup of coffee she can welcome-ly. She went nuts! i told her like her mum, it’s not her fault, it’s the gallery… “Would you take a painting off a wall in a museum?!” i literally asked her that. She told me i was being rude and not aware of myself and ignored the question.


right before she blocked me she said that they are not interested in the painting…. like i care… so i blocked her from everywhere and replaced her face.

updates, omri koresh, matte painting, artist, painter, omrikoresh, blogger, freaks like me, orit fux, israel, photographer, painter, commisions, hire, manipulation, digital art, oil paintings, sculptures, dolls, i'm not a doll,

now she has a strange face but i’m so attracted to it…. she’s wonderfully strange.

Thanks for tuning in this week! i got SO MUCH UPDATES TO COVER. it’s ridicules.

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Post gallery opening, a LOT of Stuff is happening!

post gallery,

post gallery, Freaks Like Me was a success! Videos!

hey! I met a lot of good people and a lot of fans that knew me but never met me. There’s updates on A WHOLE LOT OF stuff. I tried to have everything online so you’ll be able to see it AND i did 3 videos in English, as promised, so they’ll be an alternative for the Hebrew ones. One is about How and Why i made my characters. (embed Below or HERE)

5 reasons why you should come! (again! embed Below or HERE)

I got another one that shows me and Orly right after the arrangement for the exhibit HERE

i’m thinking about WHAT Should i show here on my online site? I have so much work my portfolio is about to burst. Thoughts?

Some Photos Of the actual place, i got also some photos of like- people and what’s up there, but i’m actually just downloading all the images and i want to select them (retouch them!) and upload them to facebook in an album. So… that will be when i’ll have the time. For now I’ll merge the photos with the text below.

post gallery, freaks like me, orly dvir gallery, omri koresh

I actually had to go and buy clothes for this! and it was HHOOTT there, so i was trying not to look sweaty, i had a napkin at my back pocket and i dabbed on my forehead and cheeks each time i wanted to take a picture with someone. My makeup was destroyed! Her AC wasn’t very good,  but Oh WELL.

The good news:

post gallery, freaks like me, orly dvir gallery, omri koresh

  1. On the Day of the VIP opening I met a woman named Michal Sadan, apparently she’s a Big shot at the art scene and she wants me to have an interview on TV. It’s going to be in English, so this will be awesome. It should be shown on different places on TV channels. According to her samples that i received for the interviews, it’s not a big/huge spotlight like she’s trying to make it look like but it’s Good!
  2. A gallery named the Cuckoo’s nest asked me for an artist Interview on the 24’th about ME and about this current exhibition. It’s going to be in video and Israel’s number 1 drag queen, Nona Chalant, is going to interview me. And we are friends and we laugh a lot so it’s great.

post gallery, freaks like me, orly dvir gallery, omri koresh

Bad news:

I had some sales but nothing big. I don’t think i’ll be able to continue with this gallery unless they’ll be able to produce some more sales. This exhibition cost me and the hubby A LOT, and unless we are able to bounce back financially i’ll have to cut the rope and try to continue this momentum a bit longer. So on the end of July we’ll have to calculate things and think. Perhaps there’s a third way also.

BUT on the up side i’ll have a sale on August and you’ll be able to purchase small stuff on minimal cost. I just want to rid myself of everything that isn’t a canvas. So YOU win.

Personal insights: *cue the dramatic piano music*

post gallery, freaks like me, orly dvir gallery, omri koresh1. I learned i’m actually quite good at the business part of the arts, i just needed a bit of confidence and to understand how things work! i started to really listen to people who know things much better than me and I think i’ll be able to do much more now than 3 months ago. Not only because this exposure and big platform but because now i understand more or less how things work business-wise.

2. People really like me. I have no idea why, i just babble A LOT but people really like me! but Maybe it has something to do with my conflicting personality- I always describe myself as a half Idiot and half deep.

3. I know what i’m fucking doing. Rich people love it when you argue with them and stand your ground. I’m really good with Schedules. I’m a very good liar- ONLY If i must. I sweat a lot but only from my head, the body is dry.


i’ll be going to a gallery exhibit in order to meet Michal and do some networking. (nope, i don’t care about the actual exhibition) I’ll talk to her about the exhibition and about the interview. If it’s in august it’s great, now it’s too soon. And i want to wear my crown! the hubby says it’s stupid, i think it’s rememberable and it will show ME as cohesion with the art (fantasy etc) let’s see her opinion. (in the picture Yulia Taits, The amazing albino photographer)

post gallery, freaks like me, orly dvir gallery, omri koresh, yulia taits, Albino, photographer

Future, Book: Nuerva

Good news! i’m at 50% at the first phase. Meaning I’m going to layout the book and see how the balance of the text and the images go. after that i can continue painting everything and there’s actual some real progress here! i want to finish it until 2018, I really want to. I need the fucking money so i won’t need a job! i need the time to work!

Thanks for hearing my babble! If you want you can write me Directly to this email OR CLICK HERE

I love you, thank you! I’ll show everything i can from the exhibit, you will not be left out!


Exhibition coming up


Hey! I just woke up from the best sleep i had in weeks- why? well, i went to a friend’s B-day party and i drank a bit in the middle of the day, and someone pushed me a drink or two into my hands and i got totally wasted. in the middle of the day. After i got home i just thought i’d get a nap and sleep for a bit… i just woke up. it’s like 18 hours straight of sleep and honestly i’m so fucking relaxed right now. it’s really awesome.

I’m still nervous for the exhibition, about 100 people approved their arrivals but i’m still nervous that there won’t be enough buzz for it. i’m seducing A different type of art” to showcase some of my work, I actually published on their page not once! and who ever that’s running the page is a cool person. So hopefully it will bump my online prestige. I got 4 articles for this exhibition and i’m still scanning the world for an interview!

exhibition, omri koresh, matte painting, artist, painter, omrikoresh, blogger, freaks like me, orit fux, israel, photographer, painter, commisions, hire, manipulation, digital art, oil paintings, sculptures, dolls, i'm not a doll,

i mean you KNOW ME! i’m fucking smart! and interesting! and i look good through a camera! what’s the fucking problem with this world that they don’t want to fucking interview the shit out of me??!! i’m lovely!!!! fuck!

besides that i’m starting to run out of ideas on how to promote this exhibition! but tomorrow i’ll go to the actual gallery and show the place itself with it’s lovely parking place. people love parking.

And honestly my brain doesn’t process things now, maybe after i’ll get my 3 cups of coffee.

On Monday i got a VIP entrance for people of the gallery.

exhibiton, omri koresh, matte painting, artist, painter, omrikoresh, blogger, freaks like me, orit fux, israel, photographer, painter, commisions, hire, manipulation, digital art, oil paintings, sculptures, dolls, i'm not a doll,

Of course i’m using Orit Fux’s image for the posters. i think it’s cool and her tits are cool. Plastic but cool. i just hope i’ll get some sales in so i won’t have to get a job again! i want to paint! i don’t want to work in a meaningless job and earn little money that takes me away from studio work. it’s hard and it’s impractical to work two jobs (studio, day job) that you don’t actually get paid by one.

on the 24’th i got an artist interview at a second gallery “Cuckoo’s nest” that i’ll talk about How shit went with this exhibition that is closing on the 23’rd. Perhaps i’ll exhibit there on August too- I don’t know yet. Besides that, for the next 3 hours i’ll probably be so relaxed that i don’t care about shit and then i’ll get back to my usual self- stressed on the exhibition.

and i want a t-shirt that says “Make Me Famous”


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Winners, Exhibition and promotional stuff

winners, omri koresh, matte painting, artist, painter, omrikoresh, blogger, freaks like me, orit fux, israel, photographer, painter, commisions, hire, manipulation, digital art, oil paintings, sculptures, dolls, i'm not a doll,


HEY! first of all, the winners of the BLOG GIVEAWAY, WATCH THE VIDEO (Below ON SITE Embed version)

Winners are notified by email.


Today, I told all the models from the project “freaks like me” to spam all their friends and use my images as profile pictures OR posts. So hopefully people around the web in Israel will KNOW that i’m going to have the most amazing exhibit EVER.

In order not to have the same kind of look for each photo i thought of mixing it up, like fuck the bottom part up so it will look “printed” or like a corrupted file , think about it like a “remix” of some sort. Integrating my fav 3 here.

winners, omri koresh, matte painting, artist, painter, omrikoresh, blogger, freaks like me, orit fux, israel, photographer, painter, commisions, hire, manipulation, digital art, oil paintings, sculptures, dolls, i'm not a doll,

in this way it’s STILL the art, but it’s not too revealing, i like the effect,  I might to it again for stuff.


so, i got a feature at POALOT.COM it’s in hebrew BUT i CAN tell you it’s written really well. I got a small vocabulary so i’m having a lot of trouble explaining things, especially in Hebrew (My English is actually much better than my Hebrew which is my original language! it’s ridicules)

winners, omri koresh, matte painting, artist, painter, omrikoresh, blogger, freaks like me, orit fux, israel, photographer, painter, commisions, hire, manipulation, digital art, oil paintings, sculptures, dolls, i'm not a doll,

So a lot of times when i need to explain my own art it’s quite difficult, because I KNOW what the content is and how to interpret it but i just- literally, can’t find the words and i sound almost dumb at times. Also i don’t give a shit about how people perceive me, i can’t control that, i can just try to be a good person so I just talk, i don’t think.


i’m going to have a feature at EFIFO which is an israeli Fashion magazine (Wednesday). A Different type of art are going to publish some of the project. A newspaper “Yediot Tel Aviv” has sounded some interest in ME, so… ppplllleeaaassseee interview… fingers crossed.

winners, omri koresh, matte painting, artist, painter, omrikoresh, blogger, freaks like me, orit fux, israel, photographer, painter, commisions, hire, manipulation, digital art, oil paintings, sculptures, dolls, i'm not a doll,I got a new friend named Roi, he is great, going to meet him on Monday to talk to a new curator about participating in a new exhibition OR/AND an Artist interview. Their event is like a night where art and networking meet but it will happen AFTER the exhibit.

So things are moving! i want you to be proud of me! i’ll do my best.

The exhibition

I made some 100pcs cool presents, Signs, printed out the art, my In-house model is going to walk around in a dress i made for her and give out my business cards (Which i designed) the gifts and cigarettes! she’s not going to be a waitress, she’s the gallery “muse”. (locket in image, the Presents)

winners, locket, present, omri koresh, freaks like me
Remember that i said that the second floor will have lights and stuff? well, NOPE, i looked again at the space an it’s just not a right fit so what i’ll do there is exhibit EVERYTHING i can that’s mine of course. So it might be a good platform for sales.

On the way i got a cute outfit- I might do a get ready with me, if i’ll manage. Did my hair! and i’m going to get my lips done on Tuesday. The most frequent question that i get is IF i get my lips done. Well, no, But i will add 30% to them.

i’m still at the “Stressed” part. hopefully i’ll be able to relax a bit before the exhibition.

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Facebook block, Exhibition gifts and invites


facebook blocked for 3 days.

Why? because i said “Lol i look like a TRANNY” i wrote once the word TRANNY and because i can’t write it on facebook i’ll write it here! TRANNY! TRANNY! here me roar!!!! T-R-A-N-N-Y. Now that that is out of my system, i tried to use the actual block for my promotion of the exhibition. I got some images for the online invites but i’m not sure IF to make one from ALL the photos or use 6.

there are 19 images, should i create from each an invite?
facebook, freaks like me

I talked to Nona and he said to use the actual FACE not a crop from the body. He said it’s more communicative and i agreed. Also i want to create some kind of Gift for the exhibition. For the last solo exhibition, 2015 at Hankin Gallery i created some cute bottles with stuff in them and labels. It was cool, cheap and people loved them, it was 100 pcs, so i want to do something like that with this exhibition that’s a Taste of the art. I want to print the art on boxes with candy or something. 

facebook, freaks like me

It can be cute but i’ll need to see Costs, i gathered it’s expensive and IT IS!
On Sunday i’ll meet my cousin, Shelly, the in-house model and i’ll make some kind of outfit for her. She’ll be going around at the exhibition and she’ll be giving people the gifts and cigarettes. i created a tray and stuff but you’ll see them only after i’ll finish her outfit. I don’t want her to be a waitress, she’s not going to clean OR hand people drinks, she’s the Gallery/cigarette girl.

BTW Ever since i changed my profile image on facebook- to that heavily retouched image of mine with Big lips and gray-blonde-hair i got a Million friend requests- and not only from old pervy men! so it just bumped my friend requests! magically! super strange, it’s not the first time i put an androgynous image of myself so i don’t get why.. but i will enlarge the lips in actual life soon, hopefully i’ll get the funds.

And I remembered one thing too, i know i said i’ll do proper art videos, I WILL but first i got in the mail the Black tooth paste and the black mask- i tried both of them, i’ll do a short video just for my personal facebook profile. hopefully it won’t be too boring, i made it very simple, without a lot of content.


new, facebook, freaks like me

This is the last week, next week i’ll declare Who are the winners!! I’ll pay for shipping unless it’s mega expensive and i’ll ask for 50% for it. but i don’t think it will be too expensive.

So remember, if you like this blog. Recommend it to One friend, Help me grow my fanbase and support me! Help me reach *Gasp, hand reaching up* stardom (kinda kidding, kinda… not)

If you got like, insights on what you’d like to see from the backstage part of the exhibition write me! if i’ll get cool ideas i’ll do them!

Write me a comment OR back to this email OR on site!

Hugs and kisses!



HEY! i don’t have Good news but GREAT news, i just confirmed with the gallery about having my own solo exhibition and i got the green light! this exhibition is for…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE..

new, solo exhibition, artist, freaks like me

Freaks like me, my new photography project!

The gallery is 3 floors, and it’s not HUGE but it’s big enough! so what i want to do is to photograph for you everything and show you guys some process work. I got 2 meetings this week about How to promote the exhibition and i need to close some corners with the gallery owner but overall, this is some amazing news.

Honestly i didn’t even think about making this into some kind of exhibition, as you well know i’m not the photographer… i’m a painter! even this project is 50% painted on top of the photos. I had the great luck working with some amazing models and people and i’m so honored that this project will be exhibited and Hopefully, accepted.

about the project

“Freaks like me” or FLM, for me, is about body image, sexual and gender definitions, separately. I tried to show my inner thoughts on how I perceive people and how I think other people think about other people. kinda confusing, but it’s like math,


I always find interest on how Other people look at themselves, we all have our own problems with how we see everything but I always think that we should celebrate the fact that we are not perfect, because that just doesn’t exist.

About the new exhibition

As i said it’s 3 floors, The third floor is THE place for the exhibition, i’m going to print the images on a canvas BUT not stretch them, just hand the actual fabrics on the wall. I think there’s something So sexy about how the fabrics hang, there’s something about the material and the way the fabric hangs.. (image not mine)



I also think it can give it a feel of almost Oil paints, the background of the images isn’t flat, i kept some digital brushes in..

The second floor is connected by stairs, i didn’t make a normal sketch but i doodled something simple enough,

i want to print crops of the images and turn them into boxes with a light in their middle, put them in piles. Close the entrance of the floor, (single room) besides a hole for a full head and put a projector in there with music. In that way the audience will get to experience the project as more than just images on the wall. i’m thinking about also adding lights/arrows, don’t know. I need to photograph the hallway to create an exact concept, that’s why the doodle is so.. crappy /:

Blog Promotion

YUP, it’s still on. We got another week and then the list will CLOSE. So tell a friend to sign up,


My girls are waiting!!


Thank you for sticking with me, we are at 111! thank you everyone for believing in my art, and remember

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Curated an Exhibition and also Dobrilla broke!


Curated a gallery exhibition! it’s not 100% done so- no pictures yet but.

Orly Dvir gallery has two locations, one is on the Jaffa Port and one is inside Tel-aviv’s industrial district. I helped Orly arrange the gallery for exhibition and she let me just curate the paintings themselves. Also i got a spot in the exhibitions for my own art, that will be added later. Underneath some pictures of the space that will be exhibited in the 2’th of june.

Curated, gallery, exhibition, orly dvir, painter, omri koresh

You can see how small i am next to everything, this place is HUGE. When the exhibition will open i’ll take some photos for you to see, It’s kinda cool.

If you remember i talked about not having a job anymore, well, for now. Luckily we worked with a guy, Sharon,  that helped connect clients to newspapers in Israel, and he owned a favor to my boss. So he talked to him about trying to get me an some sort of an interview- i need the exposure. Well, the guy (Sharon) brought his assistant with him to the Gallery to talk to Orly (my manager) directly, he was impressed by the art, he liked the place and got what he needed as far as content. But his assistant, Let’s call her “The-New-Migel” (his earlier assistant was called Migel) Knocked down my Dobrila, He boob broke.

Curated, gallery, exhibition, orly dvir, painter, omri koresh

So i’m actually taking this opportunity to upgrade her- I’m also thinking to re-do her hair, i got a full redhead wig. i CAN make her hair long… Don’t know if i should…

Do you like the Chopped hair?

So Now i got an Exhibition that I Curated, Maybe/Hopefully an interview OR a notion on Press, a broken Dobrila and no money. OH! and i’m working on my next Designs for my oil paintings.

Obsessions Update

right now i’m still at stage 1: Concept-ing and Composition-ing

I got 9 concepts, left top to right bottom. The Pigs, Jesus on Water, Sleeping Unicorn, Catwoman, cuddling with Teddy-bears, Soap, Vanity, Pastel cats, Eat Cakes all day.

Curated, gallery, exhibition, orly dvir, painter, omri koresh

So i got some of the ideas Down, i know what i want and what colors etc, but it’s not totally THERE yet, i’ll keep working on them and add some shadows and details so i’ll have the vibe down. Also it’s always a good thing to have hand created sketches. Then i’ll do Phase 2, which is photograph models and creating digital sketches. I want 20 sketches OR just 20 paintings in this series. I’ll keep you posted!

FLM update

Although it’s too early I created a teaser for the series.

Curated, gallery, exhibition, orly dvir, painter, omri koresh

I think i’ll show the teasers for it like this, i really like the design. What do you think? would you think it’s interesting? Me and Orly need to think about HOW to promote this project when i’ll finish it. She said that she thinks it needs an exhibition, I actually can’t afford to print them. I know sad right? Also i was thinking on printing them on Glass and putting a light behind the images, like a light table, White/creamy drop (like in the images) and the printed characters in light- could be pretty!

Also i’m at number 11/18 so it’s getting along! Hopefully now that i don’t have a job i’ll be able to finish it in the ext two weeks. I also need to think hard on what i want to make in the background.

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