Interview At the cuckoo’s nest Jaffa, Skutz

HA! i finally go the chance to write about the interview i had on the 24’th of july.

It was an amazing evening- NOPE still don’t have the video materials but i’ll get them soon. But i’ll tell you how it went.

skutz, house of nona

These are the “Working Souls”

  • Me, the artist, duh
  • Nona Chalant, the amazing drag queen who interviewed me and it was awesome.
  • Roy, my friend who Owns this Artistic line called “Skutz”

House of Nona

Nona was really awesome, he made sure that we’ll have cool materials for the ending and beginning of the video, i just hope the sound quality isn’t rubbish. right now i saw him in an amazing feature video, i can’t wait for the whole thing to come out. It’s Embed under this paragraph OR if you see this through email, CLICK HERE

He’s just fabulous and very sharp. He understood the crowd as he interviewed me with all pre-prepared questions.


Roy’s Artistic line is somewhat of a new concept for israeli people, he mixes the gallery’s current exhibition with Performances. Like Last time he had a small scene that was played by two actors, like a small theater. Each night there’s an interview of someone from the local art industry and there’s also like mixes of more mainstream stuff like- a lunch for a new magazine called “DNA”.

So i’m very fortunate i could be a part of something that is fairly new but has a growing fanbase.

In the pic- a Facebook friend’s exhibition wall from my night

skutz, house of nona

How Was I?

honestly i have no idea but people told me i was great. I was really nervous at the beginning, i took a glass of wine to relax… But as my ass touched the chair and i saw 50 people looking at me I felt at home. Honestly, i love being in front of a crowd and jam my opinions down people’s throats. OH BTW the picture above, it’s actually AFTER the interview, i took off my makeup and extensions and pulled my hair back. It looks so 80’s! it’s funny because it already looks like an old photo of “the artist” blah blah.

More stuff

On Monday i’m going to get my picture taken by the amazballs photographer Guy Danieli, in the pic an image he created for SWAROVSKI.

skutz, House of Nona, Guy DanieliBut my shoot will be “Beauty” and i hope that the makeup artist will be able to totally make me look like a girl. so i’m pretty excited towards it.

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August Sale & ILTV Interview

august sale,


You can see it HERE or embed Below


WELL. Yes if you remember my earlier post, YES the interview included Orly… I cut her out of the interview. Never wanted her with me, she was rude backstage, talked nonsense, i really had enough of her- Even talked to the PR woman and she said to go for it. So this is MY interview, online everywhere i’ll just lie and say it’s a Solo act.

It was very peculiar to get interviewed like that. Also i had the second interview (25 minutes) that i’ll write about next week. I don’t have the materials yet and frankly it deserves so much more attention story-wise.

2. I want to name this blog “Make Omri Famous” Thoughts? Should i go for it?

It’s totally narcassistic but it’s also… kinda true. Should i title it “Make Omri Famous”? right above all the posts.

3. I’m doing an AUGUST SALE 

august sale


which means really cheap art, i’m not pitching for a sale here but i would love it if you’d send your friends or something, i’m selling from 30-60$ small art pieces that i need to get rid of. what that i won’t be able to sell i’ll give to my mum or dismantle, I need the space. On my solo exhibition, Dollhouse at 2015 i sold most of my stuff.. these stuff were not sold because people actually didn’t understand that they could buy them without buying the full furniture and since then I sold most of the parts.



It’s cute creepy stuff.  I hope i’ll find them a good home, It’s good fucking work! and it’s pretty! and i really wish people will dig it. This August Sale is literally for August, Just august. On September i’ll Decide what to do with the stuff.

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Wish me luck, i hate feeling like a sleazy salesman /:

TV interview tomorrow + ConArt Mag

tv interview,

hey! i got my TV interview tomorrow.

The TV station is called “ILTV ISRAEL DAILY” (Their SITE) No one has ever heard of it, they barely got online views, i checked their facebook and all…

I got a Sample HERE



It only has like 250 views, BUT TV is TV and it’s better to have a TV interview than a printed one. It’s still a good opportunity to show off, that way i can use this platform and talk about me and shit and hopefully… i’ll get more exposure! maybe someone important will watch!

it’s such a boring video though. i hope that mine will be good and NOT be ruined by Orly. She tends to talk too much… OVER people. So this is happening tomorrow, and at night i’m going to jump over to Sharon from-

Conart Magazine

and get a job offer about a project she’s going to use in her Launch and Hopefully she’ll use the Circus project that i created for her earlier this year.

tv interview, ILTV israel,

Back to the interview

I’m going to get my hair done and take my makeup bag with me, i’ll do my own makeup- i like it in a certain way and most people just stick the basics on me (because i’m still a boy!). I love the contour and make my lips as puffy as possible. i’m a bit nervous but not really, this is my job, i also got some experience with video… my only problem is that i get word-blocked. Even in Hebrew! i just get blocked, i’m looking for a specific word but i just forget it. I’ll need to talk english for 10 minutes before the air, it will help.

I’m taking Dobrilla,

tv interview, ILTV israel,

Michal Sadan, the PR woman requested that i’ll bring her with me. Orly wanted me to come WITH HER… but she’s late to everything and also it creates an unnecessary drive, i got one bus to the studios, it’s in central Tel Aviv so it’s easier to get there.

So that’s tomorrow, Sunday.

Let me give you my schedule for next week…

Monday i got an artist interview at a second gallery, the Cuckoo’s nest, it’s about 20 minutes, LIVE with recordings. Nona Schalant, Israel’s number one drag queen is going to interview me.
Tuesday I’m going to tell Orly that we are Done working together, I just don’t have the funds for it and the exhibition didn’t give back enough.
Wednesday I’ll probably (hopefully) be able to get the transport to get my things out of there. I talked to Nightmare Israel:

tv interview, ILTV israel,

I’m giving them as a present my Large throne– i won’t sell it and it’s too much of a hassle for me, they got a large lobby with a high ceiling. They loved the idea, pictures soon.
Thursday– If everything will run smoothly i’ll start searching for a new gallery.

So… a LOT of stuff, i’ll take My old phone (it got a better camera) with me and snapshot everything.

This Wednesday at the gallery

A woman called “Dr. Shlomit Lir” she’s the woman who wrote about my exhibition, she came by and finally saw the exhibition. On august she’ll fly to the US and she’ll incorporate my work into her paper, so it’s quite a compliment! Let’s Quote the Dr.

“The images raise the question whether allowing oneself to transgress traditional forms of femininity and masculinity is a liberating process or a binding one; does the ability to shape one’s appearance in the real world, or through art reinforces or undermines the spontaneous and free spirit of human existence?”

See? i can be smart! i got a full page of her writing, i won’t upload it here because it’s too big! but it’s well written and i’m very flattered that she loved my work!

Nuevra Progress:  2 double Frames and One single and i can start Vol3 (it’s divided to 3 parts).

So much stuff is going on. You can write me back to this email OR ON SITE

Thank you! <3
wish me luck on my TV interview!

Con Art Magazine and Video Interview

Con Art Magazine, Facebook

HEY! i finally had the meeting with Sharon Esther from Con Art Magazine. I’ll tell you about the meet. I came into the apartment studio, it was warm!! and on the third floor in a building that looked quite old with no elevator, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect but the apartment/office/studio was very large and amazing. One of the walls was replaced by a huge glass sliding door and the upper half of the rest of the walls were replaced by windows. ugly modern art everywhere and Posters from the magazine with 2 desks with big ass computer screens. Black-brown brick floor and everything super-clean. So it was very very fancy.

Con Art Magazine

her assistant opened the door, she expression looked like she’s about to doze off and I asked where’s the kitchen (i needed coffee, i’m old) she’s like “there *points, goes back to work on her laptop*”. I’m in this new kitchen, i have NO IDEA where’s anything so i’m stumbling around to find the coffee and some… sugar. Obviously the milk will be in the fridge but where the fuck is the rest?! So i’m asking her where are the things. She’s on the laptop with headphones, eventually she heard, helped and i had my coffee.

Sharon Ester is awesome and so is Con Art

This cute redhead comes into the apartment, she was downstairs for a moment. Came in, gave me my favorite hug (bear hug!) and we started babbling like two old women in church. Mind you i never met her before, we just clicked! she gave me the whole pitch on Con art Magazine (con art like con artist, fake etc). I understood the content well enough but it’s a bit confusing. Basically it’s an Online Fashion Magazine that’s built from individual bloggers. Each one has it’s own content and she was interested in turning me into one of those bloggers. After discussing the boring details i said sure, why not. I create content anyway! i can totally use another platform and I’d like to work with other people.

con art magazine

We talked about my Upcoming interview and i suggested it should be in VIDEO. That way I can promote it easier and also, you know video is the new platform! she said let’s do it! so I’m waiting for Nona to talk to me about it. Also we talked about like, old projects that she has that are kind of Stuck. Sharon had this Circus project that is stuck for the last 2.5 years. I told her, “Bring it over, Maybe i can save it!” she showed me the raw materials. They were good but it needed a total reconstruction to look MORE in the lines of Erwin Olaf’s work:

con art magazine, erwin olaf

I don’t have a preview yet of this project so maybe next week? Also the Magazine is suppose to be Lunched in a month, if i’ll get the chance i’ll cover the event for you.

Freaks like me Update

I found out a woman i always found very disturbing is among my facebook friends. Orit Fux is a well known Israeli woman that had so much plastic surgery it’s just disturbingly paintify-sculpturify-artistic. Or plain Weird.

con art, orit fux, freaks like me

She’s Booked for next Thursday. I always wanted to photograph her, these people that look like plastic always memorized me because it’s so fucked up. I’ll update you on how it went. BTW next week i got 2 more shoots, Right now Oleg Nataly was my 13’th shoot, i got 7 more to go, I want the shoots to end! i can’t wait to see what will come out of this project, i hope it will convey what i wanted and it will look As good or Better than I’m not a doll.

Thanks for sticking with me! (:




Interview, collaborations, art and exposure


Hey! this week I’ve been running in circles, but i had two photo shoots for “Freaks like me” at Sunday and Tuesday. Nope, you are not seeing the shoots but you can see the sketches! well, one of them.

I had a differnt Model in mind but eventually i went with Alexander because he kind of met the expectation of “being jesus” I wanted someone sexy but rugged for this specific look.

1. Good news! Interview!

So i’ve been chatting with a friend of mine, Ronny, or as most people know him as the Drag Queen “Nona Chalant“.

(BTW I didn’t take this photo) We talked about me getting interviewed by him for a magazine he works at, about the “I’m not a doll” series,

you know it! I’ve been promoting the hell out of it.

I talked to him and i asked him if it’s possible to do the interview in VIDEO, as i’m really starting to feel comfortable in the media. Well, this day and age it’s just so much more awesome to do video. He said he’ll talk to his editor and we’ll see. I think him as Nona and me just talking can be a funny combination and kind of cool.

2. Good News! Maybe a Collab!

After a week or two his editor wrote me directly about doing a collab with the magazine, some kind of project. This is a very awesome opportunity and i think this can work really well, i’m meeting her next Thursday so i’ll keep you guys posted. I really hope, REALLY HOPE, that some kind of crazy project will come out of this and it will give me the exposure i need! so, keep your fingers crossed!!

3. Good News! Met an awesome photographer!

Yes this keeps on going! i met this really good Israeli photographer, “Guy Danieli

(his work)

I’m really interested in doing a project with him. We talked over wine and we came up with something interesting. We need to bridge the different kind of thinking that we both have. I love his mind, he does high-fashion stuff and agencies throw beautiful models at him so it’s very cool.

In Conclusion, I had quite the promotional stuff going on this week and honestly i just want to paint. I got a large commission this week so hopefully i’ll finish doing it so i’ll be able to focus on my projects and my oil paintings. I have no idea what i’m doing and i have no idea what will come of these things, they might evaporate (happens a lot) so i hope something Will become of this.

thanks for listening, you can always write me back to this email (:


Interview, Artist: Alessandro Della Pietra

The winner of the recent fanart contest conducted by ME! on Fine Art America, Alessandro Della Pietra, is an artist from Italy. In the interview below, he shares some details about his life and art.
Alessandro, please introduce yourself: where are you coming from, what is your background?
First of all thanks for this nice and pretty opportunity to speak about me and art, I’m really glad about it. When I was a boy I dreamed to be an illustrator, I’ve always loved to draw, I really liked watching the movie posters, I wished it to be my job one day. I started working in photocomposition and publishing field when I was about twenty. Across the years I’ve paid more attention to image editing and creating images for advertising, but in that case I had to execute the client’s desire, untilI began to do what pleases me and looking the world through different eyes, proposing a metaphysical reality but keeping a bit of childhood in my heart.
What kind of art do you make? What medium do you use?
The medium I prefer is surely the digital one, mixing drawing, photomanipulation, photography… people frequently think that artists choose digital art because they’re not able to freehand drawing or using brushes, but  it’s actually just the opposite. You cannot do digital art worthy of this name if you are not previously passed through the classical techniques.
When did you first realize you wanted to become an artist?
As just said, surely in front of movie posters, but also watching the movies themselves. I used to draw little comic stories… I understood creating something was my deep wish.
What inspires and motivates you when starting a new work?
It always starts looking around me, following the emotions passing around, and then looking inside me, how these feelings moved into my soul. So I close my eyes and imagine … Then I always draw a little doodle that is the basic ideaon which beginning to work.

What is your favorite FAN ART character?
There is more than one. One of my favorite is surely “The Crow”.
Which artist had influenced you the most?
There are so many artists that I like, I think art must be lived it all, from classical to modern authors. I especially love Salvador Dali.
What is your favorite motto or quote?
Nothing is impossible!
Do you have any hobbies or interests other than art?
I love music and playing guitar, and even cooking for my guests, using as ingredient also a little bit of art, always. Thank you very much. 
Thank you!


Interview time!!

SO OK! i had an interview with Lee from Fantasy Art magazine and she was sweet and lovely, the interview is translated to chinese but i am uploading an english version of it! so here it is:

Q     First please introduce yourself
A     My name is Omri Koresh, born in 1986 and currently living in a most controversial country, Israel, I’m a painter, always have painted, digitally as well as traditionally and currently working on my BFA to get that silly paper that declares that I have knowledge about art stuffed into my brain although I thought myself basically everything alone.
Q     How did you find your way to becoming an artist?
A     I was born one. Really. I didn’t have much choice on the matter, if I don’t paint, create my little happy miniatures, read about art to seek a new technique or ways to improve my work I just get depressed and all of my passion and love becomes a bundle of knots that I can’t do anything with unless I paint. It was always like that, I wake up in the morning (after drinking coffee of course, I’m not insane) and I think about what’s my next project and how to improve my artistic level.
Q     How did you get your first art job? What is the story of that?
A     My first job is my current job, I always posted my work online and a cool guy from a company named “Corbomite” asked me if I feel like working for them as a colorist so I said OK so now I’m not a poor student! I’m a working student with a touch of money.
Q    How did you find your artistic style?
A    As a kid I was influenced by my dad, he’s a hardball person with a though and rough personality but with a good heart and on top of that an amazing painter although he stopped painting when I was a kid. I always went into the basement to see his old work, which has surrealistic imagery, mixed with a guideline of rot, decay and melancholy I was influenced by the famous Dali and MC Escher as well. In later years I found more and more artists that I liked and got my head spinning with stunning visuals and organic concepts that helped me along the way to become myself and find my own voice.
Q    Which artist had influenced you the most?
A    The last artist I got inspired from is Michael Hussar who is a much better painter than me, he creates what I like best- beauty and the grotesque mixed together using vulgar and disturbing imagery, in my final exhibition at my University I know that I’ll extract some of the color themes and that dramatic energy that Hussar has in his paintings. I’ll create Oil paintings because my main focus is to be truly what I am and that is an artist not a “just” painter.
Q    How long does a new image generally take you to create?
A    About 20 hours traditionally and digitally
Q    How do you train your skills in the usual?
A    I draw in pencils all the time, sketching out new ideas or re-plan an oil painting and conversations with other artists help to exchange ideas and concepts. I work in my studio almost everyday and I don’t give up on anything, I don’t leave anything alone unless it’s how I wanted it to be, I have a natural eye for detail but I always give other people the stage to explain to me what they see so I’ll learn a new approach towards art and life on the way. I experiment with materials I never used and I constantly look for tutorials on how to improve.
Q    When starting a new work, what is the first thing you think about? Can you describe your workflow and process?
A    I usually know what I want and what to insert in the picture, some very simple and dry information. Though the visuals- that’s the problem it’s like I’m hearing voices but in visuals, I’m able to see inside my mind the picture I must create, to clarify, not need, not want but I have to otherwise it will drive me crazy it will pop up again and again and I won’t be able to paint anything else until I’ll finish it. My work flow and process is just as boring as anyone else- simple sketching, picking the best one and paint, in digital I sometimes use a model, for Alice I have a specific one, Brittany Elizondo, and I paint the rest, you can see my process work on my “you tube” account, user name 0mri with a zero.
Q    Do you listen to music while working? What kind of music is your favorite? How does the music affect your artwork?
A    I can’t work without music because it gives me a beat to work to, in that way I don’t loose that fiery tempo that makes a good artwork become good, when you work too slow the painting usually ends up beautiful but without any human emotion and inner depth, I don’t have a favorite kind of music because I listen to everything l like which is A LOT! Like country, rock, pop, techno, metal, classical music like Schubert not that wannabe movie soundtracks, musicals too but what helps me more than anything is to sing along with the music until I feel my throat is a bag of rocks I love singing although I’m an average singer.
Q    How do you usually find inspiration?
A    I don’t. I don’t believe in inspiration, I won’t be dictated by some emotion or concept of “when I should paint” or create something new so I work my ass off to create what I must, every chance I get I work in my studio and continue with my projects until I feel my eyes shutting down. Even when I don’t feel like it when I work that “inspiration” will come. I always download images I like; I keep them in arranged folders for each segment and that way I can get ideas or references for my work.
Q    What is your most difficult challenge when making art? How do you overcome it?
A    I don’t have a problem working for hours with no end the main problem is that I work, study, I’m in a relationship and I have a lot of friends so my big challenge is actually- time, I barely have time to sleep properly the only way I can manage my time properly is actually set up meetings with friends a week earlier, plan ahead as to concerning work and time limits and to keep a journal and write everything down- if it’s not written it doesn’t exist! – That’s the motto.
Q    How many companies have you worked for? What the peculiarity of each company your feel? 
A    One. Corbomite. To tell you the truth I don’t care much for concept art and stuff, don’t get me wrong it’s fun! But I basically do it to pay the bills it’s a job. I am a traditional and digital artist but I don’t like being told what to do. The people I work with are very cool and very professional and I really enjoy working with them.
Q    Are you looking for some kind of special aesthetics? What have you found?
A    Like everyone else I love beauty but I prefer the twisted, the dark, the black color and the rotten hearts of the characters. I believe the human body is fascinating and when twisted or shown in a classic pose the meaning of the human existence and our whole fear of dying are represented beautifully.
Q    Do you read some fashion magazines? What magazines did you recently read?
A    I love Vogue but it’s super expensive and I’m a broke student and I usually read the news but I do get updated on the world of Fashion from selected blogs and cruising for art on the web.
Q    What feature of Alice attracts you?
A    Her inner pain. I can relate to her suffering and the fact that she’s misunderstood; by people, in her world, that isolation and distance that’s happening simultaneously in her inner Wonderland as well.
Q    How do you choose the suitable model?
A    I look for the correct proportion according to my character, it’s like a look a like game, you mix and match until you find the correct model that kind of looks like the character you are going to paint. For Alice it’s more of her stare, Britney knows and understands how to act like her besides being beautiful and to resemble her. The stare and the body movement must look natural and not forced and the model must know how to get herhis photo taken.
Q    What kind of man and woman do you find sexiest?
A    Me. No not really. I love muscular big guys, with a hairy chest and a beard with a bad temper, preferred or white or tanned with Irishpolish facial features- something like my boyfriend! And I love black girls! Flat stomach, D cup, round ass, huge lips and delicate features, personally I think Naomi Campbell is the most beautiful woman on earth.
Q    Would you continue to explore your target-painting theme? Or you have another new target?
A    I always have new targets but I will always, in some way will create things Alice related, even if I’ll decide to stop, I love that world because it resembles my own inner world and I feel at home there. The images and characters have familiarity in my life and my imagination.
Q    In the last 20 years, many wars have happened in Israel, did these turbulences have any influence for your art creation and life?
A    Life, yes it’s not an easy thing to have your country fight for a cause that you perceive is good and the rest of the world thinks you’re the bad guy, but art wise It pushed me even further from reality, most of the artists in Israel deal with Politics and other clichés in some over obsessed manner in their art, I don’t, it doesn’t interest me, I prefer to run away inside my mind and extract imagined worlds than to deal with the banal and obviousness of reality. 
Q     You have mentioned that you love Alice’s world because it resembles your inner world. So could you talk about what are the similar characteristics?
A     In my world nothing makes much sense, there’s a lot of emptiness and elements that don’t have a purpose, I love the darkness I adore black, it reminds me of my mother, my work usually go between the disgusting and the beautiful merged together, plastic, especially dolls, I enjoy making them too. Those elements exist inside the Alice world, wonderland has always been a big impact in my artistic world, it evolved with the media and when the game came out it was a fantastic treat because I knew from that moment that the presented world is a mirror image of my mind.
Q     You have mentioned you believe the human body is fascinating when twisted or shown in a classic pose the meaning of the human existence and our whole fear of dying are represented. So what do you think of the human existence and dying? 
A     We are born because of some biological engineering of nature and when the time comes we die, people should die if not otherwise there won’t have enough resources to survive, as a species and I believe that the strong will survive just like in nature. Human existence is the funniest think ever, we are so afraid of death and we are so afraid that our species will extinct one day like the dinosaurs that you can see reflections of that in our media and what not and people keep trying to find “meaning” for living which I just don’t understand why not just have fun and enjoy life! The human body in my mind is a temple so every body is designed differently and has its unique attributes so I connect the human body to the idea of loss and pain.
Q     What do you think of the Queensland’s gothic style?
A     I think that Queensland still isn’t portrayed at it’s best, from the versions of the games, they gave out a great visual but I still think everyone missed the point with Queensland; that it should be spectacular, with a huge maze all around the tower that IS the castle, it’s royalty! It should be far bigger and far more elegant. I think that the Queen is a big diva so I always thought that the castle should be designed accordingly.
Q    You have mentioned you prefer the twisted, dark and black color and the rotten heart of the characters. But as we know, this is not popular nowadays. So would you insist to this kind of style?
A    Yes, definitely, because of two reasons, first I do think that dark and gothic art is very popular in the world, for example in my Deviantart account, 0mri, I’ve seen a lot of dark and wonderful art mixed with some pop elements, Tim Burton is considered a genius and I do think that the dark & sweet style it will be very popular in the future, and the second reason is that my visions and the way that I see art IS dark, I love the disturbing and the twisted and I cannot escape it even if I tried.
Q    You have mentioned you are very busy, could you please kindly talk about what do you do every day usually? 
A    I work in my studio on different projects, I work in my day job as a colorist, I go to school, I try to see friends and hold a relationship steady and give my family some attention so I have to juggle a lot of things to make them work together it’s frustrating but that’s life, I really try my best and so far it’s working so I’m good! The pressure comes and goes so I don’t sleep as much as I want to or just not at all- but you get used to it, I have my ambitions and nothing will stand in my way.
Q    If you have any chance to create the Alice of your own version, how would you do it?
A    Well first of all it would look crappy next to the AMA version, not visually but actually story wise. But in my version wonderland is an alternate universe and that world called a character, someone from Alice’s family line, there would have been a LOT of dialogues and quests to be taken, of course some fighting as well, when the character would of found wonderland she will understand what happened to her great, great grandmother, Alice. Eventually wonderland and our world would collide and chaos will spread, death and destruction that our character will have to fix in the next game. She’ll be or an albino or have platinum blond and it should be as dark and cruel as possible.
Be sure to visit my facebook account at

please check them out, here are some links:

main site:
Anavel Yu ,excutive managing editor

The technical marvels of M. Hatter… and other machinations

recently i had another interview this time at DZ Magazine at their Nu. 7 edition! SIN!
you can download for PC

SO!.. Howdy y’all! so how have you been doing?? great great! you’d be happy to be informed that American McGee’s Alice is getting another wallpaper named “The technical marvels of M. Hatter”
so how this began? well! there is this Israeli “Artist”… really, so annoying calling them “Artists” … anyway i saw forced to see his lecture in my school and this guy started talking called “Miki Carmi” and this guy is an ArTiStssts and he paints…


simply horrid…. WTF MAN?! so he inspired me to paint the hatter as a protest to show that Norman Felchle is SO MUCH BETTER! because he designed the Hatter!
about the process of this image, i really wanted to thank the people on the AMA forums for suggestions i couldn’t of thought of a proper back without you (:

and in this one i copied the original new concepts of the new AMA game and i do hope they didn’t change the hatter’s design, besides him being creepy it’s just so fucking darn cool he is so grotesque i really love him!

and of course a Zoom in (:

about the future Alice work, i’ll make a Movie made-up poster, (after i’ll make another Vampire Chronicles “Armand & Marius” paint) just because i saw so many ppl doing just that, so i want one too, i’m thinking of the cast on the front and how should it look like and then i remembered the underground comic of AMA and i thought it could be so cool just to copy the front because it has a very good concept and just change it a bit and i saw the 

new Alice Poster and i thought that i could merge them both into something unique and cool and about the poster

i personally didn’t like it so much because it’s too Anime and the characters are SO SMALL like HELLOO?? they are the main fucking thing here and they are tiny?? and WTF with the pink? is it the queen of the Red or Pink hearts? did i miss something? where are her pores? she had them in 2000 so in our time (ten years later!) shouldn’t it be easier to make a cool 3d poster?? i just realised how (sick and perverted i am as well) Old i am.. 😛

and the right is the Comic front of AMA but i didn’t understand why they made the cat look like a dog, he isn’t hairy and has a flat face, how can the designers not notice that!?

and if you want you can make suggestions on the cast, who will be featured on the front, i thought about Daniel Emilfork – Hatter, Alexis Bledel – Alice, Roseanne Barr – Duchess, Miranda Richardson – queen, in the comic it’s hatter, jabberwock and white king or duchess?? not sure yet, but i’m thinking of making it (left to right) Queen of heart, Jabberwock and then hatter, Alice like in the new poster with the wind like the comic and with the cat
behind…. cat not dog. i hope they upgraded the Jabberwock on the new game, his original design is a tad lame.

besides, all is good! just god back from a sex shop, i went with a friend he said he has to see that store because they renovated the store! i tell you they had some huge dildos there.

see ya for now!

Interview time!!!

so i got an interview at the Vampire Chronicles Art Gallery and it’s so fucking cool!! and…

working on something for school, i think it’s the dumbest thing i did up until now- for school, really i’ll give you a snap shot

you ask what is that? good question i don’t really have an answer but i Can tell you what it’s suppose to be Ahem:

STAINS! black STAINS! on AT-LEAST-100-PAGES-AT-LEAST stupid fucking stains, like WTF woman?! (my teacher in Drawing class) are you That of an Air head? it’s so fucking easy that i feel like i’m going backwards and not forwards like WTF?! black stains?! did you see HER work???!! NOO but I did and it’s BUHA!

well that’s it for now (:

go read my interview at the Vampire Chronicles Art Gallery!!!!!! if you like

now go get a life.