Photoshoot at Guy Danieli and Dresses!

photoshop, © Guy Danieli, All Rights Reserved M+Post: MA: @Shirel_Bubis



Nuerva, my book needs only 4 paintings and then I’ll start the BETA in a month or two (after doing the general layout)-

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Hey! Well, last week I had a small photoshoot at Guy Danieli

I’ll post here the full series. I’ll be using them one per week as a profile pic on facebook to promote Guy’s work. The first look is my “regular” one, with the CROWN. We tried to push towards 3 looks but we just didn’t have the time. It takes a lot of time doing the makeup and light etc. BTW here’s his Instagram

photoshoot, © Guy Danieli, All Rights Reserved M+Post: MA: @Shirel_Bubis

Second look we tried to make me look like a real girl! Not drag! but honestly i had to saw of some of my jaw in photoshop, i got delicate features but not THAT delicate!

photoshoot, © Guy Danieli, All Rights Reserved<br /> M+Post:<br /> MA: @Shirel_Bubis

Makeup was done by Shirel Bubis, she’s so adorable and i really didn’t have to retouch a lot. We agreed that my eyebrows need to be lifted so she actually painted the eyebrows higher, with hair and everything, and i removed my originals in photoshop. I felt like Sophia Loren.

I never had a coat of so much makeup on my face, but i love the outcome, it looks so clean and it still looks like me (kinda) OH hair is wigs, both are wigs. I’ll use the images with the crown for self-promotion everywhere!!

Dolls!! and DRESSES!!!

I just realized something yesterday, i’m going to print my dolls in 3D… their proportions will change and i don’t know if the dresses i already created will fit! Also, i don’t create sketches for them, i just got it in my head. I made some just to show you my process:


I don’t have names for them yet but I got the design and personality down. She’s my humble princess, the dress is like Unicorn vomit. Ombre pink hair.


Fashionista type, a bit over the top, hopefully playful, White hair.


This isn’t done actually and it’s the first time i’m doing a mermaid dress and use METAL. I had to be careful not to cut my fingers. She’ll hold a key, i think Gray hair.

Next week i’m going to commission my friend Kyle for reworking 3d files for me. i’ll give them LONG legs and thin them out. i’ll show you if there’s anything interesting (:

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Fedex Israel Sucks and FLM Update!

fedex israel,

Hey! i just got my paintings from ArtTaipei 2017. The gallery made a mistake and sent the package through FedEx instead through EMS and i had a really annoying experience with FedEx israel in the past and now– ANOTHER ONE.

fedex israel, shit

why fedex israel is shit

Ok, in Israel there’s a law that says you need to pay costumes if the package is over 75$. Now because the value of my painting exceeded that means i need to pay taxes on it. 40%. ALTHOUGH THOSE ARE MY PAINTINGS!

i hate this fucking country.

So i eventually paid a lot of money and i won’t be exhibiting in any exhibitions out of the country because there’s no actual way to send things without paying a lot of customs and i can’t afford that really. now- you ask Why an i mad at fedex?

well, their Treatment was horrid.

so there’s a woman Tanya who asked for several documents which i didn’t have (it’s through the gallery)
– I sent an email with what i had.
she said wrong documents- so, I asked for which documents she needed.
she called me to kinda yell at me for misunderstanding wtf she want, i told her to ship the art back.
i called them back, regretting, talked to someone else, she refereed me to the manager.
the manager talked in a way of “i need to praise him for his time” not doing that, stupid manager, you are just doing your job.

And again with emails and i asked them questions and i still didn’t understand WHAT documents they needed because ALL of them said they need 2 documents, they have no idea how it’s called in English (for me to explain to the gallery) AND they repeated the titles with no explanation on WHAT they are.

It’s like me yelling out “a yellow Bucket! I NEED A YELLOW BUCKET” and when you ask me why i’ll just scream it louder and treat you like you are an idiot and repeat myself and won’t understand why magically YOU don’t understand.

fedex israel, shit

Someone there finally answered my question on WHAT the documents are, i don’t have them, i’m screwed, i paid. fuck you israel and fuck you fedex Israel.

they don’t even have a facebook page for me to flame OR complaints. This whole thing took about two hours instead of 10 minutes of just explaining on what those forms are and how the taxes work.

fuck you Fedex israel, may your israeli branch burn and all your employees crippled. Eat shit.

NOW- GOOD NEWS! I Finished my series of Freaks Like Me

I can’t show it really but i CAN show this, it’s blurry but it’s better than nothing! it came out really great, i’m waiting to sit with Orly and decide what to do next. I need to publish it somewhere Printed asap. OR if Orly would like a gallery exhibition i might get an interview from it. I’m not looking to get money out of this, i just want recognition. Also this will be my last photography project, i don’t want to make these anymore. Being an art director is fine and being a part of a team but i don’t want to make this kind of art anymore. I really had enough, i need to focus on oils.

at June 2 there will be an exhibition i Curated, i’ll take some photos, it’s a private event so no one is invited. Thanks for reading my mumble! how was your week?


Israel’s Sex Symbol photoshoot (Hebrew Content)

Sex Symbol,

HEY! you guys probably saw in my FB the “Hashora” she’s a comedian in Israel that taunts men that send her a lot of Dickpics. She’s hysterical but all of her content is in Hebrew. She’s a self-declared Sex Symbol, i think pesonally she’s kinda right!

  • you can enjoy her cool leather outfit none the less!, Sex Symbol

If you are a Hebrew speaker you can Click HERE for her page! we made a video together of the shoot, so you can see it there (again in hebrew)

sex symbol

I know, So sexy. Israel’s unofficial sex symbol.

I finished Morat’s work from last week! for ShadowSkrops aka Morat Planov, sex symbol ShadowSkrops, Omri koresh, sex symbol

He made a video about talking about how he changed and why he decided to make new art for his channel that shows his new change, Again! in hebrew, HERE Of course i’m featured in it, my hair looked crappy though! I straightened it but I think now when i look at it, it looks So Dry! i should of wore a wig. What made me laugh hard was people commenting

“Is Omri GAY??!!” 

Really? have you Not noticed the big Neon Sign above my head? Really? I Look Gay i sound Gay and sometimes people confuse me with a chick and try to hit on me. In real life (Winter! Big Coat) and Online. I have no problem with answering people on stuff, i feel comfortable with my sexuality but it’s like- really? you actually have to ask? LOL. The wavy hair and makeup and the fact that i’m married to a man isn’t sufficient? people are strange.

More Updates!

sex symbol

Working on Freaks Like Me, i really like this crop although it’s totally not finished. A Gallery Owner contacted me about… well i have no idea, she said she wanted us to meet but it’s Holidays now, so i’ll talk to her on the 18’th when this shit storm passes. My work is being Exhibited in ART Taipei 2017 Right now! Please someone sell my art already, i need the money. OH! and i finished working on my and Guy Danieli’s project “Attraction“- Can’t show it yet goddammit but it came out really really awesome. And I’m thinking about wtf to do with all the photography projects i got,

do you think i should insert them into my professional portfolio? Should i add/Remove some stuff? as a viewer what would you like to see most?

Ah, about the photograhy- I want to be an Art Director, not a photographer. After working with Guy the coin finally dropped- photography isn’t for me, i’m good at yelling at people and calling them fat and putting them in front of the camera in strange angles and making it look pretty… but not the actual photography part.

What do you think? What should i do with my Photography projects? Also besides Etsy, Do you have a clue on how i can sell my last objects? They are great, I love them but i need the space!

I love you for supporting me!! I wish that next week i’ll have some more interesting news, perhaps the gallery! *fingers crossed* Please remember you can comment back directly to this email OR you can comment on site.

Kisses! Omri.

Attraction, Photography, Nuerva + Commisioned


Hey! this week i had Tons of work, let’s start with yesterday. Me and Guy finally had our Shoot with 2 models. They are not the original models I wanted to photograph- the original two cancelled because they realized- suddenly- that it’s on Friday and they WORK! wtf? i asked them at the very beginning if they are available! well, it came out even better because we got even better models! Oleg and Vika “attraction” models.

Project: Attraction (pending)

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkropsI love russian beauty. I acted as the Art-Director for the shoot. if it’s controling the makeup, style, poses etc. But i think i bounced off ideas well from guy and the Makeup artist, Shirel Bubis. OH btw, I bought a fabric to create 2 leotards for the models and we got a designer to actually sew them, it came out so crappy we bought in the morning 2 new ones. So we wasted a lot of money and time over this leotard thing. OH! i sewed the granny pants.

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkrops

In the Image, Shirel and one of her works with Guy. In the middle f the day she asked if i could make a small video for a friend of her to send her, apparently i have another fan! well, sign her to the blog! LOL. I have no idea what kind of filter she used on our photo on top but it looks Super strange, doesn’t it? kind of too plastic. Anyway, Shirel is a really good makeup artist, she did EXACTLY what i wanted, which is always hard. i’m dying to show you the photos but Guy will kill me. Our project “Attraction” will look Amazing at the end, i saw the proofs.

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkrops

This is the final look, i wanted it to resemble A-sexuality and i wanted them to look very much like each other. i think it came out great. the leotard make their chests flat and very… un-sexy, the large underwear and the socks (up to their knees) made the bottom part masculine. The wig is modern art kind of, i think the combination of the whole thing made them look very doll-ish and unattractive. It’s great!


there’s this Youtuber named Morat, he commisioned me to do his art for his channel (avatar and banner) you can see his channel HERE he has some cool videos in Hebrew! and we actually made a video when he came by, i told him, “promote me goddammit!” i need the exposure. He said sure and it was a lot of fun!

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkrops

I got the sketch for the avatar done, i’m going to paint it probably today or in the next few days- tomorrow i got another shoot with a local tiny celeb- i’ll update you next week if this will actually happen.

attraction, guy danieli, ShadowSkrops

he wanted the Good side and the Bad side and i wanted to chop off his double chin. He said i can go for it, i wonder how well i can render this one, I don’t have a lot of experience in creating Gore. but i want it sharp! and i’m recording the video for him to insert into the clip.

Nuerva update

This book will drive me one day over the edge. I FINALLY found a Fantastic proof editor (?) i call her the “Grammar Lady” because i don’t actually know and neither does she, on How to credit her correctly. Her name is Stephanie, she’s super nice, Super professional, didn’t cost me a fortune and was was to talk to. A lot of people tried to fix things in the story that were supposed to be written Wrong like- one of my characters has an accent. It’s suppose to be written Wrong to Sound like the accent. And she Got the story, the world, she accommodated it well. So now i got a Perfect Copy! i have to do the ART. Paint Omri Paint!!

The idea overall is to focus on Oil paintings and Nuerva so now i’m finishing projects and Not (hopefully) adding new ones in to be able to do that, I need this book to work and i want enough art to be able to show you guys and get some feedback.

Thanks for tuning in for my weekly babble, I appreciate you so much.

if you want remember you can always leave me a comment back to this email or on Site.


Orit Fux, Freaks Like me Update.

Orit Fux,

Hey! I photographed Orit Fux.

She’s some sort of weird woman here in israel that had TONS of plastic surgery done and now she has the biggest boobs ever. BTW she’s number 14/20.

Orit Fux, freaks like me, art, photography, model

She is suprizingly sweet, humble and looks like plastic! but it’s totaly fine, if you remember i need her to be Plastic.

Orit Fux, freaks like me, art, photography, model

The meet was so strange, she started asking me questions about my sexuality like she never met a gay guy. Israel might be religious but it’s not like i can’t walk with my husband in the street holding hands- it’s not a big deal. She was so curious if i was transitioning to a woman… (nope) and so much weird stuff. I thought she’d be more like Amanda Lepore, more aware of the LGBT community. ALSO on this note, i have to add, if the LGBT community will add another letter i quite and i call everyone Lesbians- that’s what my grandmother did. Also i still don’t care what CIS is.

Back to Orit, I thought she was wearing blue contacts, well, nope! she has beautiful blue eyes. But they are slanted to the sides like a cat and her forehead bone is really shaved off and isn’t equal on both sides. I tried to draw eyebrows on it and what ever i did i couldn’t get them at the same shape. Good thing there’s Photoshop!

for other news

  • The Con-Art magazine? the photographer for the Circus project SAID he’ll send me the materials, talk is cheap so we will have to see.
  • There’s an AGENT meet somewhere next week! I hope for the best, let’s see wtf is wrong with me and how to enlarge my audience without making me look like an idiot.
  • There’s another meeting with a friend of mine, the Photographer GUY DANIELI. That guy is AMAZING. we talked about a mutual project together and we came up with:

Orit Fux, freaks like me, art, photography, model, guy danieli, sketch

If you remember i talked about it and now we can schedule a shoot with models and shit. So things seem really hopeful for the moment and i really want to get THINGS DONE. i’m going back to painting, Wish me luck!

Freaks Like Me, Photography Project, the body.

Freaks, First if you came here for the Wallpaper Or if you Signed up To my BLOG. Here’s a small present (:

Alice madness returns, digital art, wallpaper, omri koresh, bobby horse


NOW, Hey! how do you celebrate the holidays? do you do Christmas or do you do Hanuka… or just go clubbing? Personally, i don’t do anything. But i’ll be celebrating with friends the NoviGod which is the Russian better version of Christmas which has Booze and Food. I don’t really get holidays, our family doesn’t really get holidays, i think in general i prefer to paint and sleep instead of doing family dinners and stuff that involves actually meeting people from my family.

Freaks Like ME

anyway, i wanted to update you on my next photography series, “Freaks Like me” (Title is still pending at omrikoresh inc). I photographed 5 models out of 20. i’m attaching 2 concepts with their sketched out photo for examples..


In the picture one of my regular models, Shelly Skullington. freaks like me, Shelly Skullington

I really like using the same models and co-workers, in that way i know what to expect and also, in most cases we become friends and we can do art together!

anyway, it’s a sketch of the concept, after i’ll photograph all the models i’ll start working on it properly. for each model i create a specific pose, the girls have the same undies and the guys the same boxers. the story is the emotion behind the body, i think (not sure) that when i’ll complete the series, hopefully, the audience will be able to feel the oddity. The detachment from the ideal beauty to whatever i created from these beautiful models.


Nona Chalant, Freaks like me (black scribbles are a placeholder for tattoos or designs)

Sometimes after i take a model’s picture the visual changes so i just Go with it. Nona is Ronny’s alter ego, Nona is a magnificent Drag Queen. He’s a modest and very awesome individual and invited me to the most amazing even i have ever been to- An alternative fashion/drag show. if you guys will write me if you’d like to hear about it i’ll write about it next week.


i’m trying to photograph all the people, the porportion is like last time, 5 guys, 15 girls, it might change in the course of the work and btw sometimes some images are added later on, like-

KC Mussman, I’m not a doll, 2016.

KC mussman by

BTW the tattoos she’s “wearing” are actually pencil sketches and ink of mine that i turned into tattoos.

I even cut out images from the series. Because eventually i found them Not fitting the level OR the style, like in Veronika‘s case.

The fingers are not placed perfectly and i needed to photograph her a bit further.

This is only, as you know, my second project that is BIG. I still feel like i have no idea what i’m doing but- people think i do! so i roll with it!

thank you for the AMAZING support. If you guys enjoy reading my weekly babble suggest this blog to your friends. Even if like you got questions for me, go for it.

Ofek Boobookitty by Omri Koresh

Ph: Omri Koresh

Ma & Mo: Ofek.Muse.Art

– Yes she’s georgeous,
after taking Her pictures she wanted to take mine so i’ll put them at the end.
hope you like!


img_1840 img_1831 img_1804
img_1748 img_1727 img_1719

Ma / St / Ph: Ofek boobookitty

Mo: ME!

img_2024 img_1923 img_1940 img_1954

 img_1990 img_1986