Con Art Magazine and Video Interview

Con Art Magazine, Facebook

HEY! i finally had the meeting with Sharon Esther from Con Art Magazine. I’ll tell you about the meet. I came into the apartment studio, it was warm!! and on the third floor in a building that looked quite old with no elevator, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect but the apartment/office/studio was very large and amazing. One of the walls was replaced by a huge glass sliding door and the upper half of the rest of the walls were replaced by windows. ugly modern art everywhere and Posters from the magazine with 2 desks with big ass computer screens. Black-brown brick floor and everything super-clean. So it was very very fancy.

Con Art Magazine

her assistant opened the door, she expression looked like she’s about to doze off and I asked where’s the kitchen (i needed coffee, i’m old) she’s like “there *points, goes back to work on her laptop*”. I’m in this new kitchen, i have NO IDEA where’s anything so i’m stumbling around to find the coffee and some… sugar. Obviously the milk will be in the fridge but where the fuck is the rest?! So i’m asking her where are the things. She’s on the laptop with headphones, eventually she heard, helped and i had my coffee.

Sharon Ester is awesome and so is Con Art

This cute redhead comes into the apartment, she was downstairs for a moment. Came in, gave me my favorite hug (bear hug!) and we started babbling like two old women in church. Mind you i never met her before, we just clicked! she gave me the whole pitch on Con art Magazine (con art like con artist, fake etc). I understood the content well enough but it’s a bit confusing. Basically it’s an Online Fashion Magazine that’s built from individual bloggers. Each one has it’s own content and she was interested in turning me into one of those bloggers. After discussing the boring details i said sure, why not. I create content anyway! i can totally use another platform and I’d like to work with other people.

con art magazine

We talked about my Upcoming interview and i suggested it should be in VIDEO. That way I can promote it easier and also, you know video is the new platform! she said let’s do it! so I’m waiting for Nona to talk to me about it. Also we talked about like, old projects that she has that are kind of Stuck. Sharon had this Circus project that is stuck for the last 2.5 years. I told her, “Bring it over, Maybe i can save it!” she showed me the raw materials. They were good but it needed a total reconstruction to look MORE in the lines of Erwin Olaf’s work:

con art magazine, erwin olaf

I don’t have a preview yet of this project so maybe next week? Also the Magazine is suppose to be Lunched in a month, if i’ll get the chance i’ll cover the event for you.

Freaks like me Update

I found out a woman i always found very disturbing is among my facebook friends. Orit Fux is a well known Israeli woman that had so much plastic surgery it’s just disturbingly paintify-sculpturify-artistic. Or plain Weird.

con art, orit fux, freaks like me

She’s Booked for next Thursday. I always wanted to photograph her, these people that look like plastic always memorized me because it’s so fucked up. I’ll update you on how it went. BTW next week i got 2 more shoots, Right now Oleg Nataly was my 13’th shoot, i got 7 more to go, I want the shoots to end! i can’t wait to see what will come out of this project, i hope it will convey what i wanted and it will look As good or Better than I’m not a doll.

Thanks for sticking with me! (: