Curated an Exhibition and also Dobrilla broke!


Curated a gallery exhibition! it’s not 100% done so- no pictures yet but.

Orly Dvir gallery has two locations, one is on the Jaffa Port and one is inside Tel-aviv’s industrial district. I helped Orly arrange the gallery for exhibition and she let me just curate the paintings themselves. Also i got a spot in the exhibitions for my own art, that will be added later. Underneath some pictures of the space that will be exhibited in the 2’th of june.

Curated, gallery, exhibition, orly dvir, painter, omri koresh

You can see how small i am next to everything, this place is HUGE. When the exhibition will open i’ll take some photos for you to see, It’s kinda cool.

If you remember i talked about not having a job anymore, well, for now. Luckily we worked with a guy, Sharon, ┬áthat helped connect clients to newspapers in Israel, and he owned a favor to my boss. So he talked to him about trying to get me an some sort of an interview- i need the exposure. Well, the guy (Sharon) brought his assistant with him to the Gallery to talk to Orly (my manager) directly, he was impressed by the art, he liked the place and got what he needed as far as content. But his assistant, Let’s call her “The-New-Migel” (his earlier assistant was called Migel) Knocked down my Dobrila, He boob broke.

Curated, gallery, exhibition, orly dvir, painter, omri koresh

So i’m actually taking this opportunity to upgrade her- I’m also thinking to re-do her hair, i got a full redhead wig. i CAN make her hair long… Don’t know if i should…

Do you like the Chopped hair?

So Now i got an Exhibition that I Curated, Maybe/Hopefully an interview OR a notion on Press, a broken Dobrila and no money. OH! and i’m working on my next Designs for my oil paintings.

Obsessions Update

right now i’m still at stage 1: Concept-ing and Composition-ing

I got 9 concepts, left top to right bottom. The Pigs, Jesus on Water, Sleeping Unicorn, Catwoman, cuddling with Teddy-bears, Soap, Vanity, Pastel cats, Eat Cakes all day.

Curated, gallery, exhibition, orly dvir, painter, omri koresh

So i got some of the ideas Down, i know what i want and what colors etc, but it’s not totally THERE yet, i’ll keep working on them and add some shadows and details so i’ll have the vibe down. Also it’s always a good thing to have hand created sketches. Then i’ll do Phase 2, which is photograph models and creating digital sketches. I want 20 sketches OR just 20 paintings in this series. I’ll keep you posted!

FLM update

Although it’s too early I created a teaser for the series.

Curated, gallery, exhibition, orly dvir, painter, omri koresh

I think i’ll show the teasers for it like this, i really like the design. What do you think? would you think it’s interesting? Me and Orly need to think about HOW to promote this project when i’ll finish it. She said that she thinks it needs an exhibition, I actually can’t afford to print them. I know sad right? Also i was thinking on printing them on Glass and putting a light behind the images, like a light table, White/creamy drop (like in the images) and the printed characters in light- could be pretty!

Also i’m at number 11/18 so it’s getting along! Hopefully now that i don’t have a job i’ll be able to finish it in the ext two weeks. I also need to think hard on what i want to make in the background.

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