DEC 2019!

So what’s new? A LOT. i had the busiest month i had ever had. 1. i few to Bucharest at the beginning of the month to celebrate a friend’s Bachelor party 2. I flew to Barcelona at the 2nd for an art project, i visited the Dali museum and i had my cards read! 3. Alice! i helped with hiring a new guy! Dario! who is pretty awesome! so i’ll try to show you guys stuff from my trip and highlights from, well, everything without this turning into a mess OH, 4. Comic!?

So how can i describe Bucharest? you see this picture of an almost naked dancer, pretty blurred and with a fat guy on the side? yup. that’s how it is travelling with 3 straight guys to odd places and strip clubs. BTW in one of them i went to the bar to get us all drinks when one of the strippers stopped me and said “Can i ask you something” so i was “YES! I’M *hair flip* GAY!” she laughed ans said, “Not that. i just think if you’d have long hair you’d be a pretty girl” so i showed her my makeup stuff with all the many wigs and she laughed her ass off. another one joined in and they invited me for shots on the house, it was funny and fun. so a lot of Booze, parties and just hanging out. it was fun! will i do it again? NOPE. i had enough steamy straight activities for a lifetime and i honestly prefer geeky stuff With booze.

Barcelona?! Ohhh shitty coffee. i live on coffee and fat fat fatty love handles. but seriously i need caffeine regularly otherwise i get dizzy as my blood pressure is very Lowww. All food portions are tiny, people don’t talk in english, as i said, coffee NOPE and tiny.


but i met a girl named Eduarda, she will work at the place as a fortune teller and i asked her on a whim if she wanted to come with me to the Dali museum and she said YES and we went!

I took a million pictures, this is one of the installations of Dali, if you don’t know this lady- shame on you. she’s pretty known. we went through the whole building, we went to lunch. at the rest of the days i worked at the project with two lovely ladies named Shai and Li. who are the artists that will build the lobby for the place as i’m more in the project side than a working artist. i gave them instructions and guidelines and a lot of materials to go through.

Shai and Li

so a LOT of booze, and we had tons of fun and we worked our ass off on the location. hopefully in Februar the place will open and i’ll be able to boast that i did this thing in Barcelona and hopefully my hair will grow it looks so fucking short in this image meh.

there will be tons of work to do there and we are in daily communication about the steps/design/thought process on what and how to do things. it’s a lot of fun and i think i’m good as an art-director. i hope i am! i want to go towards what i like most which is more game-related projects and art-galleries. let’s cross our fingers.

ALICE! so we hired a new guy, i never interviewed anyone but i did go through so many interviews in israel. i hated them. you ask why? well, i know i’m a good artist, you also do otherwise you probably wouldn’t subscribe here! so anyway, companies here told me that i “don’t have enough experience” bitch please. i’m an independent artist for years and i created a lot of stuff, i know my fucking worth and KNOW how to run a team! but it’s like a catch 22. they want you to work at a different company as an art-director etc and then come to them but again, no one will hire you if you didn’t do that and to top of it all off they don’t have Junior jobs because they export those abroad to china/russia/whatever. Lastly it’s mostly casino and cats/dogs games.

Dario’s work!

SO! after that rant. the process was that i usually got a test with NOT general guidelines but actual specific designs and with a request to make something on that line. At the same time when i did make something ON THAT LINE i was told it’s not what they wanted and it’s not good because it’s a copy. if you didn’t want me to copy then why give me a specific example? don’t give me anything, i’ll invent, tell me what emotion you want me to embody. Luckily with Dario we needed the Queen’s castle and he made it awesomely. I’m more of a render artist, i can render anything and we needed someone like him, that can make sketches and use COLOR. something i’m not strong at.

Tragedy, Next print!

i’m happy it worked out and i’m happy (well i hope) that our team is happy with the progress and how i take care of things. American yells at me from time to time to relax and be more chill and less anal. besides the pluses in anal i’m very organized and a stickler for details. it’s good a lot of the time but sometimes it does get to be tiresome to the other person.

COMIC. I want to make one from the materials from Nuerva. i’m looking for an Agent, people said that they got back emails of NO, i didn’t get emails at all which is far worse. but i had some small stories on how and who the main characters are but it doesn’t work in Book form. so i thought, why not make a comic?! I never made one! it can be a learning curve and it can be just… fun? so i’m working on it,. you can see the top there. the text is honestly a placeholder, i’ll write it AFTER i’ll finish painting the pages. i’m going to start with 6 pages. I don’t believe it will be viral (i wish) but it can be fun. why not. If it will i’ll do my own Patreon… because why not.

I hope next month will be a bit more easy breezy and hopefully i’ll loose some of the weight i got from all this unhealthy diet from this last month! thank you guys for supporting me!