December 2018 update!

HI! not a lot has happened this month, i was swamped with boring design work so i got a bit of money but not a lot of art. But still cool stuff is happening!

  1. Alice

I designed some shirts, Leggings, I’m working with Jennifer D’aww on the design work and i made some cool stuff in the store. hopefully ALL of my older work will be available to purchase on Mysterious. I told American that he should use the art for stuff, i mean why not! i already made it. At least someone will gain some money out of it!

2. I got the Original Alice statue, it’s almost at my height. A guy on facebook wrote that he got the statue and it’s broken. He asked friends who do they know can fix it. 35 minutes later we set a date for him to deliver her to me.

So Yup i printed the blade, it broke off. The arm broke but it’s Glueable- the rest needs paint fixing and re-coloring. Hopefully next month i’ll get a photo shoot with her and the client will be happy with the outcome!

3. A good friend of mine, Kc Mussman usually visits in December and we usually have some kind of shoot together:

She didn’t have time to do Art, she’s an artist herself, she was a finalist at FaceOff.

She’s one of the best makeup artists that i know! Last time we Shot Topaz Arbell, She’s one of my regular models.

Like a Barbarella Style… alien?

i’m working on my next series and Again she came to model for me! so this is a recent photo of us being stupid.

KC wanted me to remake her like Ms.Terious Cosplay‘s Concept of Alice Addams, We shot it but i didn’t get the chance to edit it properly. But i do hope that the original cosplayer will appreciate the tribute, it’s a cool concept and KC’s a good friend and we like to have fun. She LOVED this concept.


3. LOVED this movie. I wrote about it:

“Just saw this movie yesterday. I Highly recommend watching it.

It’s not about a porn star, or sex. It’s about scars, traumas and how they define us.

Jonathan is described as a tool of society and how he’s being manipulated all through out his life and in his career while trying to take back control. His personal life, his relationships with his parents. His loneliness, his surprising innocence and his lovely persona.

Perhaps the movie spotlights a porn star but it’s not the actual story, his life is far more complex and intriguing than you’d imagine. it’s not a journey, it’s a tunnel vision look on how things spin out of control and how -we- as people treat celebs or people we admire, we forget they are just as human as we are.

“Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life””


4. NUERVA. I’m still looking for a publisher But i think i don’t have a choice and i’ll have to find an agent for my book to take off. But have i told you a stupid dream that i had?

I thought about the next book, i had this idea floating in my mind and i thought about a specific scene and wrote the baseline down and put it aside. Eventually i dreamed something similar to that scene, it was odd and extremely out of context.

In the dream i’m sitting in front of a woman called Amanda, She said i had to get her an some sort of object- which i didn’t understand what she’s talking about, it’s like i fell in the middle of a conversation that she had with someone else. and she’s saying that i needed to get her something, it was Like money but an object. I asked her “What will you do when you’ll get it?” And then she answered! “Get out of the Island of NOVIGA” So i woke up and i’m like WTF? have i called the city the wrong name this whole time?


So i’m actually considering changing the name! American said that it’s hard to say, I think Noviga is easier… Hm.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this month interesting! <3

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