Omri Koresh

Omri Koresh, born in 1986 from Kfar Saba, loves legends and stories. When I was a child I always drew, and when people asked me where I copied the picture from, I answered that I didn’t, I told in the picture what I was going through or what I was thinking. In a natural way I have always been connected to children’s stories, my favorite story is “Alice in Wonderland”. In which she feels big or small, in which the house can no longer contain her or in which she fades in the air and lands in a place disconnected from reality that gives her tools to deal with her array of emotions.

I am a painter and sculptor so I created an exhibition of paintings about children’s stories, but although I tried to do something similar for “Alice in Wonderland”, I could not create a single painting that represents the story. That’s why I chose to create objects in the form of furniture and dolls to represent the story. My works come to represent mature, real and even violent games. I didn’t want to not copy parts of the story itself but let my imagination lead the different designs, according to my personal perception. I wanted to leave an element of strong human power and still incorporate my personal aesthetic and my own interpretation of the story.

The texts of the story lead my thinking and artistic construction but do not dictate the visual. They present me with a proposal or an idea but they don’t commit me to book illustrations or in this case, altar sculptures. Everything I do is done carefully and with a lot of prior thought, nothing is done as a “pull from the hip”. I hope you enjoy the exhibition.