Fedex Israel Sucks and FLM Update!

fedex israel,

Hey! i just got my paintings from ArtTaipei 2017. The gallery made a mistake and sent the package through FedEx instead through EMS and i had a really annoying experience with FedEx israel in the past and now– ANOTHER ONE.

fedex israel, shit

why fedex israel is shit

Ok, in Israel there’s a law that says you need to pay costumes if the package is over 75$. Now because the value of my painting exceeded that means i need to pay taxes on it. 40%. ALTHOUGH THOSE ARE MY PAINTINGS!

i hate this fucking country.

So i eventually paid a lot of money and i won’t be exhibiting in any exhibitions out of the country because there’s no actual way to send things without paying a lot of customs and i can’t afford that really. now- you ask Why an i mad at fedex?

well, their Treatment was horrid.

so there’s a woman Tanya who asked for several documents which i didn’t have (it’s through the gallery)
– I sent an email with what i had.
she said wrong documents- so, I asked for which documents she needed.
she called me to kinda yell at me for misunderstanding wtf she want, i told her to ship the art back.
i called them back, regretting, talked to someone else, she refereed me to the manager.
the manager talked in a way of “i need to praise him for his time” not doing that, stupid manager, you are just doing your job.

And again with emails and i asked them questions and i still didn’t understand WHAT documents they needed because ALL of them said they need 2 documents, they have no idea how it’s called in English (for me to explain to the gallery) AND they repeated the titles with no explanation on WHAT they are.

It’s like me yelling out “a yellow Bucket! I NEED A YELLOW BUCKET” and when you ask me why i’ll just scream it louder and treat you like you are an idiot and repeat myself and won’t understand why magically YOU don’t understand.

fedex israel, shit

Someone there finally answered my question on WHAT the documents are, i don’t have them, i’m screwed, i paid. fuck you israel and fuck you fedex Israel.

they don’t even have a facebook page for me to flame OR complaints. This whole thing took about two hours instead of 10 minutes of just explaining on what those forms are and how the taxes work.

fuck you Fedex israel, may your israeli branch burn and all your employees crippled. Eat shit.

NOW- GOOD NEWS! I Finished my series of Freaks Like Me

I can’t show it really but i CAN show this, it’s blurry but it’s better than nothing! it came out really great, i’m waiting to sit with Orly and decide what to do next. I need to publish it somewhere Printed asap. OR if Orly would like a gallery exhibition i might get an interview from it. I’m not looking to get money out of this, i just want recognition. Also this will be my last photography project, i don’t want to make these anymore. Being an art director is fine and being a part of a team but i don’t want to make this kind of art anymore. I really had enough, i need to focus on oils.

at June 2 there will be an exhibition i Curated, i’ll take some photos, it’s a private event so no one is invited. Thanks for reading my mumble! how was your week?