About Nuerva, Artbook

“Nuerva” is a personal journey, told through a single character’s eyes. The main character is written as both male and female. The book is full of original artwork, with 60 paintings created as a re-interpretation of what is actually happening in the various scenes in the story. The book and the original artwork took several years and a lot of hard work to complete, and I am really excited to share it with you.

Nuerva is an Illustrated long form book, which includes 60 paintings and sketches, approx 200 pages. 18+ for mild nudity and sexual themes.

What's the plan

Right now i’m looking for a publisher that will take a chance on me and this book! it’s a good artbook!

so this page is more for visibility purposes, so cross your fingers (:

The button below will show you a sample of the book, pages 1-27. Also you can send me a note using the form below.

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