About Nuerva, Artbook

“The Black City of Nuerva” is a personal journey, told through a single character’s eyes. The main character is written as both male and female. The book is full of original artwork, with 60 paintings created as a re-interpretation of what is actually happening in the various scenes in the story. The book and the original artwork took several years and a lot of hard work to complete, and I am really excited to share it with you.

Nuerva is an Illustrated long form book, a dark fantasy, which includes 60 paintings and sketches, approx 200 pages. 18+ for mild nudity.

Developmental Editing: Amit Bobrov | Copy Editing: Tom Berco | Proof editing: Stephanie Ginensky

* Also went through 2 feedback groups and fans’s feedback​

What's the plan

Right now i’m looking for a publisher that will take a chance on me and this book! it’s a good artbook!

so this page is more for visibility purposes, so cross your fingers (:

The day of the attack, I was sitting at the park, reading a book. Slavers rode in on monstrous ships. They took everyone, including me.

I was taken to a horrible black city called Nuerva, where the buildings were jagged lines cutting across the sky. A man, the Captain, took me as his plaything and kept me as his own prisoner. After many days, I finally found the courage to escape.

Alone and frightened, I ran to the furthest edge of the city, and there I found hope. There was another city in the distance—a bright, colorful one. All I had to do was cross the bridge.

I didn’t make it. I was shot at the edge of that bridge which connected the light and the dark cities, moments from freedom.

But I wouldn’t die just yet. It wasn’t my time.

Part 1: Narrator is kidnapped while on a lunch break from work, and is taken to a big black ship. After days on the ship with the kidnappers, they reach a black, domed city (Nuerva). It’s on an island. The Captain of the ship fancies the Narrator, and takes him/her to his apartment as a personal slave.

Narrator lives there for days, uncovering little about the outside world. He/she finds a book with an “N” on the cover, but reading it is impossible and brings about headaches. Eventually, the maid helps him/her get out of the apartment and divulges a way to get out of Nuerva. Narrator, on the way to escape, finds a man skulking in the dark. His face is disfigured like a smiley mask. The man directs him/her towards a woman called Amanda, who supposedly leads escapees to safety. Amanda is a witch that has many “smiley face people” in a trance, but the Narrator gets away and runs towards the exit of the city, towards the sunlight.

As the narrator runs on the bridge that connects both cities (Nuerva, the black one, and the newly discovered one called “White City”) he/she is shot in the back by soldiers and jumps off the bridge.

Part 2: Narrator wakes up on a hospital bed and remembers the death of his/her mother. Narrator remembers a story his/her mother once recounted about the mythological Fae, then meets a man known only as “Leader”. Leader gives the narrator the mysterious “N” book back. After questioning, Leader finds that Narrator knows the Captain, who is one of the most influential people in Nuerva. Leader sends Narrator to a woman known as “Her” to get more information. These people call themselves the Resistance. They want him/her to convince the Captain to give them their own ship in order for them to escape the island. Narrator has an instant feeling of love for the woman (Her), but discovers she is inhuman. The Narrator assumes she’s Fae. After a confrontation, he/she is forced inside a coffin and shipped back to Nuerva.

Soldiers find the coffin, open it, and become violent with Narrator. As Narrator is on the floor bleeding, the Captain arrives. Narrator is rescued, but taken back into slavery by the Captain. Eventually, Narrator presents the ship proposal to the Captain, and manages to persuade him to help the Resistance. They prepare to go to the White City. Narrator keeps trying to read the “N” book, and suddenly can do so. After reading, Narrator understands how to detach Nuerva from the White City. The attachment is allowing the Fae to have control over the humans. He/she asks the Leader and the Captain to help with this plan, which will save everyone from the Fae. They take a vote, and decide to go through with it.

Part 3: The Resistance group goes to the city council, but finds them dead and frozen in their meeting chamber. They discover that Nuerva was actually a travelling isle and the undercarriage is mechanical. It can be made operational again if they get to the “Core” of the city. After trials, they reach the Core and make the city operational again. The Leader was the key, and loses his life for the cause. Narrator is kidnapped by the Fae. An orgy takes place (written poetically), during which Narrator experiences an awakening. Narrator finally gains the strength to confront Her, the Fae who orchestrated all these happenings. He/she is asked to join with the Fae, but declines. After killing the Fae temptress, the White City begins to break down and sink into the sea. Captain comes to save the Narrator, and they flee. They kiss at the edge of Nuerva while the White City is crushing down, no longer a vessel for the Fae to syphon life from the humans. The sun is leaking inside the domed city of Nuerva, coloring the buildings in radiance and beauty. The Narrator and the Captain stand there with the question: what next?

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