Driver-Assistance System

Green2Pass is developing a laser-based technology that evaluates real-time traffic situations and warns the driver about dangerous passing maneuvers.

It includes private cars and trains! I was given the task to Brand and design the full UI and help with marketing Assets


UI design
Gaming Language
Asset Design


Juno Group


2 weeks

Final Design


A very small space for iconography. Avoid looking like Mobileye (their competitors) and needs a flat version of the 3D location in order to stick to the budget.


A very clear iconography for drivers, it needs to be clear enough to avoid accidents!  Design a modular concept so the after effect guy can do whatever.



Red and Green


Modular design

01. Red and Green

Using red and green is the obvious choice. I also used a font that is similar to the font written on the asphalt of the road and curvature similar to the signs of the road. I would have preferred to remove all text and thus unifying the icons completely but Client said it’s important.

two separate sets for Trains and Cars.

All parts together
Modular design

02. Modular design

The final video was made in 3d but on 2:12 they wanted to show the train from above. so instead of creating this angle using 3d they requested me to make 2d assets for After Effects.

I looked at what was presented and matched the spirit and design that was presented to me.

Thus sticking to the budget!

Final Design

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