Happy Christmas! Nuerva, Art and Alice

HI! so Happy holidays! Hannuka, Christmas, Satanic rituals whatever floats your boat. it’s going to be a new year in a few days and honestly it’s a nice number, 2020, like my eyesight- after the lazer.

  1. Some cool stuff with Nuerva, i’m working on a 6 page comic, i was told to put more pages but i think 6 pages to begin with it’s totally enough. i got the first 4 pages down! lemmi show you.

i have two more pages to create, i might go back to these frames and balance something out later on or change but i think they are consistent enough. are they though? do any frames look odd to you?

i decided that the correct style for me is realistic with touches of paint. i hope that when i’ll published the finished product with text and everything people will love it enough to share it without me begging! NOT KIDDING. it needs to be interesting enough to do that. but i think i might do more even if it will flop, it’s a cool exercise. Second thing, so i got this listing for Agents to go to with the book proposal, as i understood it takes YEARS. i need to understand how to write a proposal and then to submit it to as many agents that i can… i’m terrible with that but i so so hope that i’ll manage to pull this off.

2. I want to make video content but OF WHAT? got an idea for me? i’m good with shading people but doing it funny and i’m good with criticism. the problem as i see it- i’m not interesting, my art is. I need to be interesting because that’s how i can build a proper youtube channel/ a bigger following so when i will go to agents i will have people to “sell” to. although i’m fucking 34 in a minute i still have to compete with 21 year olds meh. tell me what you’d like to see!


3. i had a great photoshoot with a singer/actress Ruth Almog, the image above isn’t done but i thought why not merge photography into the oil project thing. i can see this being sold as prints, something more commercial. Also it’s a great way for me to meet people and other talented people that i love.

4. Alice. So American got his vision finally. so we are wrapping the Hatter’s domain and doubling back to Denial to revamp it. Which frankly, it’s going to be awesome, i thought from the beginning that Denial is the more interesting realms and shock and Slumber feel that they can be something else. no clue on what will happen to them. Also working on a single poster at this time so i can’t show it, sorry. Hopefully next post you’ll see the final version!

5. OHH I got a new tattoo, it’s the Golden Ratio. it’s a bit of a shitty image but i think it’s enough to show it off. i’m really happy with it!

These are all the updates for now! thank you for reading and again, write me if you have an idea on what to do in a video!