How has it been a month already?

this month flew by, i would say literally but i don’t think time is a physical element. so Some stuff that i wanted to do last month were made! American kind of came back from his vacation with his newborn! who is adorable, mixed race babies are the best.

so he Finally showed some of the new stuff we have been working on! so now i can show off! HA! there’s so much so what i’ll do it just i’ll put them here, they are all going towards the realm of Queensland besides the last two. We have a lot more work to put there. i’m so fortunate to work with everyone, we got a kickass team.

Throne Room v1
The Sun
Gameplay, Hallway2
gameplay, Hallway1
Courthouse Exterior
Madame Pris’s tent – this is for Denial
Halloween poster

Sometime in this new month i’k suppose to travel to Barcelona to build/design a lobby for an escape room company. it’s suppose to be very artistic and creepy so i’ll make sure to take lots of photos, so expect next month to see them. i HOPE there won’t be a problem and it will happen this month. cross your fingers.

finally finished this art-piece (silk 2019) and now i’m off to the next one, it will be (below, Rabbit girl) and i might change the rabbits to something else, i found out that i really enjoy making up animals but eventually they need to look cuddly. my original idea for this series was to invent themes that actually talk about day-dreaming, drugs, alcohol, food and overall euphoria that you get from being high. for now it’s still very very preserved, i don’t know if eventually i’ll get what i had in mind but i go with the art, with the passion, not what my brain dictates.

Rabbit girl
Soft 2019
Dreaming 2019
HaSh’hora, Israel’s sex symbol

this wonderful comedian, “the black one” finally published the images i took of her, i really like them. Below here i’m placing video links to my facebook, if you are getting this through email you can’t see them to press the links for the Carousel and my New Dress!

IMI, my photography project is almost done. i have one image that i’ll probably take on Wednesday and that’s it. so i’ll wrap it up pretty soon and i’ll start gallery fishing. i think this will be a local exhibition. the oil paintings- i want somehow to manage to show them abroad in a solo exhibition. no idea how, but i feel that Israel doesn’t/won’t fit this art.

lastly, i’m considering a new tattoo, i want to place it under my left ear, about 5 cm. this is stuck in my mind for the last 3 months, i think i’ll sketch on my skin with an eyeliner to see if i feel like doing it. i’m still thinking about it. thoughts? and BTW my hair is growing great, i’m waiting for it to really grow and then i’ll show you how the transplant changed the frame of my face.

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