How the hell is it December?

I’m Dying to tell you about the project i’m working with All In Games DYING. But i can say it’s my first international gig as an Art director and what i says GOES which is the most fantastic feeling i can request. you probably know that i’m extremely specific on art and stuff. but unfortunately i can’t tell you anything but i can say that phase 1 is ending at January 16 and cross your fingers.

today i’ll try to summarize these last 3 months wtf is going on art-wise! let’s start with oils:

Mostly air 2020, oil on canvas

I finally know what i want to paint in oils, escapism, day dreaming. running away from reality using drugs, music, imaginary friends. whatever that is usable to avoid it- anything to block out the real world. my only issue is that i want to paint women and Men, the problem is that my Men are not interesting. i’ll figure it out but it’s going to be a lot of trial and error. the series is called “High”

calvin Klein copycat

i have a lot of goals- one of them is to create apparel and then i started imagining myself selling stuff and… oh dear god.. having stocks in my house…. ew… and then talking to… people. ew. no. but i did want to design some oversized sweatshirts and have “like” a collection. and then i figured out that i’m actually only looking to do the campaign itself LOL. i don’t care about anything i just want the campaign. so that’s what i did- i called @dannylyZiser to come over- she hosts IGN in israel and apparently lives 10 minutes away from my house! and i copied my favorite company’s ads- Calvin Klein. i don’t want to make anything serious or original. i just wanted to have fun and make tributes. you can see the 5 images on my Instagram here


Can we talk for a moment about the Amber vs Depp situation?

Usually i don’t take stands here or there to one side but in this specific case i need to speak my mind.

I saw the way amber treated this case with depp. I saw the way johnny didn’t get that recognision for being abused and i have to say something about it- today straight men are not allowed to be vulnerable or to speak their emotions out. Personally as a gay man i’m allowed “more” and i’m allowed to say if something is bothering me especially as my persona is more feminine.

This is not a gender’s fault. This is a society problem. This is toxic masculinity, where sociery hence men women and all in between including people from my own ltgbt group that even i as a man felt pressure to act in a certain way or look in a certain way. To be more “manly” (whatever that means) and to shut up about my emotions. I saw and felt and i still see the way straight men are pressured into being quiet because that’s more “manly”

I must say that i was mansplained by women a lot when i was only expressing my emotions online. (Yes men can be shitbags, again society not gender)

I think it’s up to a point where a man says that a womam abused him it’s not taken seriously. I don’t care about genitalia, an abuser is an abuser.

Also why do i feel he’s right? She thinks people were paid to dislike her, she doesn’t feel guilt or shame or suprisement. If this would of happened to a normal person they’d at least say something on the lines that they are really in shock over this scenario. Nothing.

I think @lilireinhart will be better suited, she’s mega talented.

She’s curvier and i think a strong female lead should express femininity and amber doesn’t fir into that. She looks like a stick figure with a bad wig. For a woman to be strong like “a man” it doesn’t mean she needs to have manly attributes.

Also the suit is shit who designed this catastrophe. even my doodle is better then what they had in the movie.

Alice Asylum – Inferno

ALICE! there’s exciting stuff happening behind the scenes that i can’t talk about but i must way that i love our team! i wish i could tell you stuff but i can’t lol! you need to visit the patreon for it, if you are not a patron it unlocks after 3 days usually..

Either way American seemed to really like this image, i posed it here because i don’t really understand why lol. i have a friend who usually explains to me why when something is popular or not. i don’t understand how most people see things. my eyes are Obvi sharp so i see details but sometimes i don’t see the obvious thing so literally i need someone to walk me through “basic seeing” if i can call it that.

life besides is fine- i want to move to Canada. this corona business fucked up some plans and an exhibition i already had a deal for in July! i was about to sign with the gallery! i wanted to learn bow and arrow this summer and horse riding and pole dancing! nothing serious just like 10 lessons at each. Although i do want to learn violin- i played piano for 6 years as a kid and i always wanted a violin mostly because it’s mobile and i hate guitar. so thank you Corona for being a bitch- at least i didn’t loose my house and teeth.

if you want to bitch about how corona annoying you too you know where to find me! happy holidays!

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