i decided that because i don’t post as much as i thought i will post something like once a month and on special occasions! just so you’ll know. i’m like a magazine, OMRI-MAG.
SO! wtf with the doll fetish?
to tell you the truth i really don’t know but i CAN tell you a small story

<<<< Lanua

when i was in high school i found a huge doll, she was one of those in the stores, however you call them, she was taller then i am! and i fixed her up, enlarged her boobs and called her “Roxanne” like the prostitute.

<<< Roxanne

i loved her, i made cloths for her and creep all my friends out on the Friday the 13th, i put on her a big black cloth and a low light in front of our front door with the lights out and top of that in the attic we had a small room inside of a larger room, i put a disc there that was mixed voices that i recorded of things moving and noise and screams and i put it on full volume, closed the door, closed the larger second room door and let people go crazy because they didn’t understand from where those scary sounds came from.

it was very funny.
for me.
they went bonkers the WHOLLLEE night.
so! after a while i decided that Roxanne must die. so i decided to burn her
i got a clip of it but it’s not edited right so i never uploaded it, it doesn’t look good unfortunately.

when i was in London i met another doll named “Lanua” i gave her body modification and changed her hair and fixed her clothing, she was ADORABLE!! she went through several changes,
gave her some blond extentions and as you see the neckleses
i added her a base so she won’t fall (she’s not suppose to stand)

and she was a true beauty.

so one day i decided LANUA MUST DIE!

so i buried her alive.
in the near forest,
the video came out looking kinda cool

so here you go! it’s on You Tube!
on the clip you can see her final stage.

so now my darlings i found my NEW doll. i put on her head a pair of flowers too, i made the dress and the belt but she’s not finished yet! hopefully i will be able to dye her dark skin, i don’t like it!
she was originally bald, i had to glue her hair extentions, that i actually wore! thank got i save every piece of junk!

i tired so many kinds of color, i sprayed her- it didn’t even peal it broke off
i painted her with acrylics- it pealed
i tried oils, special colors that suppose to fit plastic NOTHING stuck.
and then i found out she’s not plastic, it’s PVC. fuck.
i bought this new paint that takes a week to really stick onto the material so if that will work she won’t be Latina anymore! HA! i want her to look ghost like and pale.
btw i had every doll about 5 years more or less

and how will i kill this one? when we’ll get to that part i’ll see.