Interview, collaborations, art and exposure


Hey! this week I’ve been running in circles, but i had two photo shoots for “Freaks like me” at Sunday and Tuesday. Nope, you are not seeing the shoots but you can see the sketches! well, one of them.

I had a differnt Model in mind but eventually i went with Alexander because he kind of met the expectation of “being jesus” I wanted someone sexy but rugged for this specific look.

1. Good news! Interview!

So i’ve been chatting with a friend of mine, Ronny, or as most people know him as the Drag Queen “Nona Chalant“.

(BTW I didn’t take this photo) We talked about me getting interviewed by him for a magazine he works at, about the “I’m not a doll” series,

you know it! I’ve been promoting the hell out of it.

I talked to him and i asked him if it’s possible to do the interview in VIDEO, as i’m really starting to feel comfortable in the media. Well, this day and age it’s just so much more awesome to do video. He said he’ll talk to his editor and we’ll see. I think him as Nona and me just talking can be a funny combination and kind of cool.

2. Good News! Maybe a Collab!

After a week or two his editor wrote me directly about doing a collab with the magazine, some kind of project. This is a very awesome opportunity and i think this can work really well, i’m meeting her next Thursday┬áso i’ll keep you guys posted. I really hope, REALLY HOPE, that some kind of crazy project will come out of this and it will give me the exposure i need! so, keep your fingers crossed!!

3. Good News! Met an awesome photographer!

Yes this keeps on going! i met this really good Israeli photographer, “Guy Danieli

(his work)

I’m really interested in doing a project with him. We talked over wine and we came up with something interesting. We need to bridge the different kind of thinking that we both have. I love his mind, he does high-fashion stuff and agencies throw beautiful models at him so it’s very cool.

In Conclusion, I had quite the promotional stuff going on this week and honestly i just want to paint. I got a large commission this week so hopefully i’ll finish doing it so i’ll be able to focus on my projects and my oil paintings. I have no idea what i’m doing and i have no idea what will come of these things, they might evaporate (happens a lot) so i hope something Will become of this.

thanks for listening, you can always write me back to this email (: