Israel’s Sex Symbol photoshoot (Hebrew Content)

Israel’s Sex Symbol photoshoot (Hebrew Content)

Sex Symbol,

HEY! you guys probably saw in my FB the “Hashora” she’s a comedian in Israel that taunts men that send her a lot of Dickpics. She’s hysterical but all of her content is in Hebrew. She’s a self-declared Sex Symbol, i think pesonally she’s kinda right!

  • you can enjoy her cool leather outfit none the less!, Sex Symbol

If you are a Hebrew speaker you can Click HERE for her page! we made a video together of the shoot, so you can see it there (again in hebrew)

sex symbol

I know, So sexy. Israel’s unofficial sex symbol.

I聽finished Morat’s work from last week! for ShadowSkrops aka Morat Planov, sex symbol ShadowSkrops, Omri koresh, sex symbol

He made a video about talking about how he changed and why he decided to make new art for his channel that shows his new change, Again! in hebrew, HEREOf course i’m featured in it, my hair looked crappy though! I straightened it but I think now when i look at it, it looks So Dry! i should of wore a wig. What made me laugh hard was people commenting

“Is Omri GAY??!!”聽

Really? have you Not noticed the big Neon Sign above my head? Really? I Look Gay i sound Gay and sometimes people confuse me with a chick and try to hit on me. In real life (Winter! Big Coat) and Online. I have no problem with answering people on stuff, i feel comfortable with my sexuality but it’s like- really? you actually have to ask? LOL. The wavy hair and makeup and the fact that i’m married to a man isn’t sufficient? people are strange.

More Updates!

sex symbol

Working on Freaks Like Me, i really like this crop although it’s totally not finished. A Gallery Owner contacted me about… well i have no idea, she said she wanted us to meet but it’s Holidays now, so i’ll talk to her on the 18’th when this shit storm passes. My work is being Exhibited in ART Taipei 2017聽Right now! Please someone sell my art already, i need the money. OH! and i finished working on my and Guy Danieli’s project “Attraction“- Can’t show it yet goddammit but it came out really really awesome. And I’m thinking about wtf to do with all the photography projects i got,

do you think i should insert them into my professional portfolio? Should i add/Remove some stuff? as a viewer what would you like to see most?

Ah, about the photograhy- I want to be an Art Director, not a photographer. After working with Guy the coin finally dropped- photography isn’t for me, i’m good at yelling at people and calling them fat and putting them in front of the camera in strange angles and making it look pretty… but not the actual photography part.

What do you think? What should i do with my Photography projects? Also besides Etsy, Do you have a clue on how i can sell my last objects? They are great, I love them but i need the space!

I love you for supporting me!! I wish that next week i’ll have some more interesting news, perhaps the gallery! *fingers crossed* Please remember you can comment back directly to this email OR you can comment on site.

Kisses! Omri.

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