January 2019! Happy new year!

HI! So some interesting stuff happened this month, i’m going to start with the odd and Alice stuff first.

Me and Alice
  1. probably some of you already know a guy on facebook asked if anyone knew who can reconstruct Alice for him- after 35 minutes we talked and i took her in. i fixed her up- the arm was broken, no blade… i repainted her, she came out looking great.

Then i started to think.. you know i knew about One other Alice that came to Israel and it got to a market place and they painted her horribly. when i was a teenager i only saw One statue so i thought it was HER, so i guessed there were two… until i posted the image above online. for now, there are four Alice statues in israel- One perfect. the other three:

Left to right, Marketplace, Found in a dumpster, one that was bought intact

The funny part is that one of my regular clients, for about a year now… apparently OWNS the right one. I didn’t know that, he didn’t know that i’m doing Alice: Asylum. he didn’t know i’m the artist behind a lot of Alice work, he actually got to me because i work also, sadly, as a graphic designer. so funny, stupid and funny.

2. Right now American is in Thailand i didn’t talk to him for about two weeks, i do a lot of art but i can’t show it because i need his approval. but i can show you a crop because i just LOVE this crop- It’s a mix of my work with Joey Zeng. She’s such a good painter, i want to smack her with a fish. i love bouncing ideas off of her.

3. This month was pretty dead work-wise so i took the opportunity to redo some sketches and add some. i’m working on my oil paintings and i even finished the last one! but i don’t have proper pictures just yet so a Phone camera will have to do. i’ll take some professional photos later on when i’ll have more paintings.


Now, new sketches!

Unicorns – untitled
Not Sabrina
Mario and Peach (WIP)

these are some of the art i want to make, In oils! i wanted to layout the designs and colors and concepts to do a proper “set” in that way i can at least show my paintings and perhaps talk to a gallery about an exhibition.


4. I got a lot of old sketches, i’ll try to sell these this month i think. i won’t be selling them framed, i’ll sell them tubed and i need to photograph/scan each and price them, a lot of work but hopefully it will be worth it. i’ll try to talk to some galleries, perhaps there’s one that would like to sell them on site.

5. The black city of Nuerva¬†– so i tried looking for a publisher, i found that i NEED an agent. I can’t afford an agent, i make something close to minimum wage monthly. I do have a job interview on Sunday, if i’ll get that job i’ll be able to afford a lot of stuff- an agent with it. “serious” companies only look at what agents give them to review, not individuals. Heavy metal didn’t write back but their editor was super nice to me, i just hope that this book will happen with a publishing company, it’s a good way to brand myself.

Besides that i think everything is pretty normal, me the hubby and two cats are freezing in this winter which is something that i love because i ca get fat and no one notices, i just hope that summer will never come. just remember if you want to write back to me, write me directly to this email, right now the comments on the site are disabled. i got problems with it /: