kickstart, Nuerva Cover and How This process is going to work

kickstart, Nuerva Cover and How This process is going to work

Kickstart and Nuerva Cover

HEY! So, as titled, i’m still trying to figure out the Cover for Nuerva. Thanks for all the feedback on last week’s images, from that i gathered that i needed to merge two images together. So i came up with this design:

nuerva cover, art, omri koresh, painting, art book, LMS, dan luvisi, last man standing

My protagonist in the middle, the “box” around tells the story visually, and the Logo at the bottom and YUP It’s titled “Omri koresh’s” i think it’s important to have my name at the front.

But for the life of me, i’m not very good with typography /: so what font/look? pick one or give me a direction. Personally i like 3, but is the font better on 2?

Kickstart campaign (I want the 2nd of April)

I supported kickstart stuff but I have never created kickstart campaigns, this is the first one. So i started to search like WTF, how the hell am I going to do this. I actually asked American like How, he suggested to talk with “Ad Magic” They are a POD (Print On Demand) company, they printed his “Alice: Asylum” book and they are super nice and apparently The shipping is through Amazon! they work well with them!

I still need to become a seller through Amazon to use their “fulfillment” (which is basically shipping) but i’ll do that through a company i work for. I talked to the boss and he said it’s cool.

I need to create the PDF, which unfortunately costs LOTS of money, But i’m lucky as my friend Guy Danieli, the photographer, apparently can create books! the idiot never told me he could create stuff like that. He worked as a graphic designer for years but i thought it’s more web-based, not actual books and stuff, so he’ll give me a good price but i’ll still try to create the baseline for him as i already know what i want.

Look! a Pretty picture from the book!

nuerva cover, art, omri koresh, painting, art book, LMS, dan luvisi, last man standing

I got two friends, Daniel and Viki, they are helping me create the Bullet points for the kickstart money-steps-thing. Of course you’ll get a say on what’s cool and what’s not. Also they will help me calculate everything as i suck extremely bad with math. Imagine how good of an artist I am? right? got the picture? reverse that with math.

So the list is:

  • AdMagic – Printing the book
  • Amazon – Shipment
  • Guy Danieli – PDF for printing
  • Daniel & Viki – Counselors + Math!
  • YOU – Advice and Promotion.
  • Me – Everything else!

I created a Video about what i told you, Art-Book critique. I picked “Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter” by Dan Luvisi, one of my favorite books. You can watch the video HERE Or Embedded Below if you are reading this On Site!


Thanks for reading my blog, this book is going to kill me.

you can write back directly to this email or ON SITE HERE

6 thoughts on “kickstart, Nuerva Cover and How This process is going to work”

  1. First of all I really like the cover! This will be a fantastic book 🙂 I think the option 3 looks good as long as you correct the space between the letters? Notice how the “NUE” visually has more space between the letters than “RVA”. Either manually reduce the space between the first three letters or add more on the last ones. This will give it a more balanced look as the other ones have. Also the 3 first letters look a bit more “bold” compared to the rest. That’s just my observation! Good job on everything 🙂

  2. I’m definitely liking 3 the most! The font has more personality.

    I’m so excited for your kickstarter, time to start saving up money to donate! Good luck with it

  3. Nice little update! (:

    About the shipping, where do you plan to ship the book from? It’s just, that if someone in a EU country wants to order the book, and it is from a non-EU country, it gets veeery expensive with VAT and stupid fees. I’m having this problem with Americans stuff, which makes it difficult for me to purchase some of the stuff. In Denmark, anything over 12$ has a risk of being taxed a 25% VAT and an import fee of 26-41$.
    Packages from outside of an EU country, labelled as a gift and with a 10$ value declaration has a bigger chance of getting through, without being charged extra.

    In short, I just think you should consider it, since all the additional fees and shit, might prevent some fans (like me) from being able to purchase the book (:

    – Ina.

    • That’s really good info, basically it’s through Amazon and they have at least one location which should be in EU so i think after i’ll talk to them i’ll understand better on how this works

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