Lasombra: Michaella + Rant

Hello all!
so, another one at my Vampire Bloodlines series. those who know the game know that the Lasombra Clan are not pickable at the game itself but i thought that i want to put as much clans possible and this clan, which can control shadow, should of been in the game, i loved their monstrosity nature.

so here’s the final product:

i hope you think she’s very hot i pushed her boobs high as possible (:
Michal Avni, my best friend, modeled her face, she has more delicate features and a natural redhead/blond so thanks Michal! she never let me do anything with her face! she finally let me! MUHHAAH!!
so because i like you, here’s a closeup
you can always enlarge the photo by clocking it.
if you want to read my rant, press the READ MORE now.
thank you.

so this weekend i was with my whole family from my father’s side, my sister, her small family and brother and dad, first day we arrived at a kibbutz somewhere in the north side of the contry where they have trees and well trees and things that are natural, like a give a crap, so the first day i was like “**read like a robot** ok, with family, will have fun” so ok we got there to our paid-a-lot-of-money rooms and i might add my sister lived in Ein Gedy, a very very cool Kibbutz in the south and they have a cool pool mountains and not as much.. trees. so on the first day i didn’t understand why didn’t we all stayed at my sister’s! why spend so much money on something we already have!? so after that we had dinner at a restaurant named Clitoris, i’m serious, in hebrew Fish is “Dag” and cereals is “Dagan” together the name was “Dagdagan” which means Clitoris. Yummy food and good waitresses were at his place. when my sister’s husband invited our seats it went like:
waitress: “Hello, Clitoris restaurant speaking how can i help you?”
him: “hello this is penis speaking, i want to invite seats”
so i want to sleep at 2am after finishing this little doodle you see here, and i went to sleep. ad very shitty sleep indeed, it was so moist it was disgusting! i woke up every hour my brother too. and in the morning a couple of cleaning arab ladies got in and started yelling in arabic to each other! AGHH!! shut up stupid morons! people On VACATION! like to SLEEP in the MORNING!!! AHGHHH!!
so they went away and then my sister decided we have to travel the whole area! yes! so we got into the cars, it was boring like fuck, every place was closed because of shabbat  and the places that were open to the public were swamped by Arabs and ultra-orthodox people which both i dislike.
so finally they actually listned to my advice!! go. to. pool.
i swam at the pool, on the way there thought about the jacuzzi at my room and the many possibilities i could of done with it. drink a beer and soak, read and soak, listen to music and soak, so many possibilities, anyway again dinner, that’s it. very boring day.
next day i slept late, i told them i’m staying in bed and i’m going to REST and not to look at trees all day long. and then i did a jacuzzi and i read a book and i painted some and i had a lot of fun doing that, they came back from the trip we had dinner and then we got home, i had 40 minutes to shower and do my hair because a friend was picking me up to go to Tel Aviv to a cool bar to get wasted, and i needed that after this long long boring weekend.
so kids. don’t listen to your parents.
they are idiots.
that’s it for now. signing out!