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Remember that i told you last week that i’ll have a meeting about a collaboration with a cool editor for a Magazine?

Well, didn’t happen. why? I was sick with 39° fever and I felt so bad I just slept for a whole day. Thank the goddess the hubby works from home too, so he took care of me. I didn’t have an appetite so i lost a bit of weight- which is, actually, always good. Especially with this winter that i just can’t stop eating!

life sometimes suck- But that’s the fun of it.

At one point i even passed out on the floor of our bathroom, making the hubby (understandably) kinda panic but thankfully i’m OK. This shit-storm passed, i had to push the appointment to TWO more weeks *Cynical Yay in the background*. This is bullshit. Being sick is bullshit, i really hate it, i can’t get things done and it’s ruining my goals. i want to declare a new project and to showcase you more stuff.

It’s like Karma! The last time i was this sick it was when i was a student, (that’s 5+ years ago!) and they thought i was bluffing because missing a class is a BIG NO-NO. they talked to me like i was a baby that couldn’t COPE with Adulthood. like, really? OK stopping with the rant.

Good stuff

I managed to finish a commission for a client! 3 cute girls.

life adelia evelyn lana

I really like them, i had a blast doing them. you know that i’m not a big fan of tons of rich colors but this was a lot of fun.

life Omri koresh for andrew santana

life Omri koresh for andrew santana


I’m not sure on if i should do these next 3 images in oils or not, what do you think?

my mom’s like, “It’s so violent” and “Everyone paints hands!! it’s overdone”

is it? is she right? i like the hands, i find them sexual but not pornographic and i like that. What do you think?

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Hopefully i’ll have some cool news next week! thanks for listing! (: