Long Time No update! So let’s get to it

HI! So much stuff happened since i last wrote here so i’ll try to make it not all over the place as a i can!

1. First you all know, i work with American McGee on the Alice: Asylum project. i have to say i’m so surprised i actually get to work on something so grand, i REALLY hope i’ll get an actual job overseas from this. Having a stamp that says “This guy worked with EA Games/American McGee” Is a Big Deal!

The dresses were a HIT! now i’m doing other stuff i can’t show you until American publishes them himself. BTW he invited me to go sailing with him in Thailand, like i have the money to pack up and leave, still a sweet offer!


2. I’m making new girls! AND i’m exhibiting the dolls again in the same place i exhibited several years ago, Comme Il Faut in Tel-Aviv.

These are the girls that are Now there, i really hope they will sell well, i need the money AND i need assurances to know WTF i’m doing. honestly, i just want to sew dresses without the dolls, i love making the outfits. BTW they are now semi-articulated. I moved from molds to 3d print and i keep improving their designs to, hopefully get to total articulation!


3. PAINTING! finally. So i got some new sketches and new ideas and i feel like i finally know what i want to paint and how and color schemes and what-not. Now everything clicks. You probably know i create a digital sketch and then paint it in oils:

My hand always creates this unrealistic sharp styling and it’s always a bit illustrative, i like it, do you?

My next one is “Dreaming” (digital sketch)

i just made the base so there’s still nothing to see. This is, hopefully, how it will come out eventually. I think i’ll go a bit more Bunny than fox on those Fennecs, i think i’ll decide when and what when i’ll paint it. I also want to learn classic painting techniques, i’m serious when i say that i’m still technically not good enough, there shouldn’t be a reason why i can paint digitally like that and not in oils.

4. I signed a contract with a hotel in Tel-Aviv called “The¬†Diaghilev” which i can’t find a proper picture of the hotel so i’m putting an Alice one. but it’s a boutique hotel and my paints will be merged with the rooms and lobby. it can potentially be a good income OR NOT.


5. Nuerva, My art book didn’t happen this time around but it’s OK. now i’m trying to fish out a publishing company, hopefully one of them will say yes and i’ll get a book deal. If not i’ll self-publish it myself BUT i’ll separate it into 3 parts and make it a lot more modest size-wise and probably hire someone professional beforehand. So this is definitely going to happen, it’s just a matter of When and How. my book is fucking amazing and i can, potentially add even more art to it if i have the time, or make revisions, whatever.


6. Randoms: i had two projects that were suppose to happen but got cancelled. the first was to create a lobby in Barcelona for an israeli company that makes Escape rooms, the deal was off once i heard the words “Volunteer” and “Exposure”. The second was a mobile game i wrote a while ago, the other guy as much as i love him just didn’t put the hours. But i AM helping in a project for/with a friend i wrote about, Nona Chalant. It’s called Club Kids, i can’t say more than that right now but it’s Nona’s project, i’ll be able to show stuff from it When i’ll get an OK, we are 4 people on this.

7. this site has been Revamped. Comments are now connected to Facebook! But you can always write me directly to this email. I got a STORE! i got a proper HireMe page and PDFs that show my best work for galleries etc. A grown-up site! HA! and i’m considering to update once a month, i think it’s legit. I always have so much to talk about but i don’t think necessarily you guys want me to spam your email. So unless you say otherwise- i think once a month is cool, i’ll put my new work up, show you some progress and stupid stuff.

So remember or Write me directly to this email OR CLICK HERE and leave me a comment using your facebook!