March 2019

HI! i didn’t update the site for two months, i skipped a month actually because i wasn’t in a good place and i was Sick for almost three weeks. so not i’m back, focused and i want to blabble about stuff again! let’s start with 1. Alice, Duh.

I made a TON of dresses, i think some of them are not “solved” as in the styling but it’s funny. American started to talk about them in the crowd design discussion and i’m like “Hey! helooo, talk to me man, i know my outfits, heloooo” so after hearing the first one i just made this thing. I think the bargaining dress is Meh. i think Joey’s design should be in the Asylum world actually.i liked the two mods but he said they want Emotion Vials? so…. hm.

I also designed some of them, Alex did some more designs too. mine are kind of plain, i think his are more interesting. but the concept of emotions in vials and mods and power up dresses and whatever is just TOO MUCH. there should be a simpler way to create everything artistic and still keep it Working.

I tried working with another concept of weapons, Riffing off Alex’s idea of a morphing weapon but American said something true. it’s essentially not Whimsical enough to be a Wonderland themed thing. it’s too mature.

I did remind of talking to Norman Flechle. i remember when i was in High-school and i just drooled over these sketches. i love his designs, i just hope i won’t be left without a job! I also talked to American about Emilie Autumn, i think musically and/OR voice a character she’ll do a marvelous job. She’s a good actress! if you saw “the devil’s carnival: Hallelujah” you’d know. Go watch that S*! So hopefully Alice 3 will kick ass with Emilie and Fletchel.

I loved @kitsune.kid design, OMG her makeup was so good i didn’t need to retouch it- almost. i made the hands darker and i made the stitching on her neck a bit longer. but usually? WOW people’s makeup are S*.

2. I had a birthday this month, i’m actually going to celebrate this friday, this years theme will be that everything in the house will be (hopefully) Cyan and red. Why? well, i’m 33, same number twice. so my brain automatically went to the 3D colors AND that they are actually a set. and It was Purim this month! i went as Harley Quinn Boy somewhere and i scared the s* out of people. it’s so funny to walk around seeing people frightened faces. i’m considering actually wearing the Yes Sir bracelets all year long, it’s quite pretty. Oh to people who are not remembering that we suffered (Jews) Purim is the lamer version of Halloween where there’s no budget for anything, no candy and no houses.


3. PERSONAL ART! i’m on my last sketch to Finalize (it will feature a girl with cakes), and then i’m finally starting to work in Oils. I HOPE this new series will execute well. so i’m going to attach here my new designs for my paintings. I decided to paint Only girls besides Mario/portraits. the Guys i think i’ll paint in another series, My men are much more sexual (duh) and are more pop- colorful, Commercial. so i’m separating the two.


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The Pigs
Blue Rabbits

I’m super excited to make these, because of some recent commissions i could so i bought the canvases, everything is in my studio, i barely have floor space now.

4. NUERVA. that f*ing book will be the end of me. i wrote to some agents, i need to write to MORE agents, i hope one will take me as a client. i can barely afford rent properly but i’ll pull this iffy out somehow. I had also an idea, my friend Aviv recorded her voice when she did some reading for me, so i’m going to start to create with her an Audio book. Perhaps i can create something proper with her, she HAS the professional equipment so why not! i know some musicians that i can barter for art and they’ll help me create some musical background thing. The art- me and i learned how to create effects on video so i CAN potentially create something that’s high-level. i have no idea for what this will be used but i want it made, although i think i’ll eventually won’t have a choice and self-publish.

Vampire the masquerade: bloodlines 2, lasombra
Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines, Lasombra

5. Vampire Bloodlines 2 was announced. OMG. OMG. the first game was a masterpiece, although buggy and it had a LOT of problems- it was still a masterpiece. very much ahead of it’s time and with complex characters that you are afraid they’ll bite your head off. and i was talking to a my friend Nina that i wanted an Excuse to paint some of the VTM girls… Well! now i got it! LOL this is awesome. i wish i would of done art for the project, i LOVE that world.

Thank you for reading my life story this month. and to newcomers that signed up, HI!