May the color be with you!

so i was at my friend May, she’s a fucking awesome girl and we had lots of fun and we ate something weird with rice/milk/butter and some strange mushrooms. i know what you’re thinking, not that kind of mushrooms! dirty minds!
so after that i showed her my new stuff so she’d be updated and could laugh at my face for being a moron (: i love when she does that. so i showed her my Ariel

and she said like “she’s DEAD!” and i’m like “well you know the way i like dead people..” and she’s like “Not. that. kind-of. dead.” she said it’s “Bad Dead” and she explained to my the coloring way, apperantly that’s what they were trying to teach me at art school but i just didn’t understand what they want from me! it’s so annoying that my teacher, Gilad, such a fuckface, anyway he tried to explain to me how to use color properly to make the characters look maybe pale but defnintly realistic, so it’s like this:

1. Chevreul’s color theory
2. light/color calculation, (you think what color of light and what color of object)
3. painting language- if there is blue in the picture there should be somewhere yellow or red or orange, something to contrast with the blue- like if you put the yellow the blue pops out orange anyway so the yellow would be enough to be warm.

so after she babbled my mind for being stupid i recolored Ariel

Ariel is Alive!!

i think she’s MUCH better! i added pinks and reds and some dark orange on everything, and the theme stayed blue and dark and cool and pretty but now she’s a WOMAN! not a painting.

… on the way i fixed her right eyebrow/hairline/lips and left cheekbone as well as the shadow on her forehead.

SO lesson learned!! Thank you May (:

and now i’ll give you another preview of the new painting.

and i’m giving you a piece that will tell you NOTHING at all on the whole image, i’m fun no?

so right now i got to go celebrate the Jewish new year, but it’s not fun because there isn’t a pedophile in a red and white costume bounching off kids on his *ahem* knees but i got a dinner party with friends.

“unfortunately” my dad was sick on the holiday so i had to stay at home and paint all day, you can imagine how sad i was, me and my computer all alone watching house episodes and painting. oh, poor me.

i just can’t stand holidays- that don’t involve heavy drinking, being a Jew is like “they tried to kill us – let’s eat something!” i constantly gain weight, like everybody else, on holidays and than i look like a sac of potatoes, yuck!

oh well, let’s hope after this holiday season my pretty waistline won’t disappear.

PS. i really don’t want to go back to school.