for those who are ignorant yet i will teach you! it was a movie that was directed by Fritz Lang, Wikipedia it to find info.


this movie was influenced by Cubism & Futurism, Google it, it’s a fucking masterpiece that now after who knows what additional 25 minutes of film was added to this 2:15 movie! i love this movie and i heard that the “Complete” version is coming out, not in israel as i know because people here are SO LAME but that’s besides the point.


i saw Xtina’s cover for Bionic and at that second i knew i had to do a painting for Metropolis,

it reminded me of the original poster with all those cool lines of motion and the Futuristic look of 1927, interesting how things developed, today when we look at the future we think everything will be round and whatever that we will design will look like slime because it won’t have any sharp corners.

so! if you Don’t know David Lachapelle you should and while at it be ashamed that you didn’t.

Google it, this is not story time. well he did several pictures with GAGA so i saw this one up there and i was like “OMG! Metropolis NOWW!!!!!”



there is this beautiful Israeli model, Galit Gutman, so i thought that she could be the robot although in my original thought i was considering Nicole Kidman but i went for the third most beautiful woman instead of a girl that might look eventually like a parrot. i tried to work on a Clean kind of feeling and make it look like a Sci-Fi poster, i worked with white a lot it was fun and kinda new to me, i hate painting Chrome it’s fucking annoying, her hair is painted and her face is from a picture with alterations, the buildings are pictures but everything there was covered by paint.



so i hope you like her boo- i mean face and now i’ll give you a
wallpaper version 1600×900, that’s the largest i can on this Blog.



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so. i think that’s it for now, bye fuckers (: