My Corona!

Hi! how’s the corona? are you going slightly mad? here everything is strange. on the one hand the government said that now people can meet but on the other hand people seem to think that there’s no more corona! it’s like the Joey Speaks french Meme but with Corona. these idiots will kill us all.

Alice asylum, alice 3

the latest art that i made took me almost a month and i’m taking a break from making those. usually this kind of art goes through 3 artists. a 3d artist, one that makes the back and another one for the characters. usually some parts are made in 3d and everything is merged… i did this alone but Norman helped me with the animals and Alice and Cheshire’s pose.

some other stuff happened, i finally took 3 courses. 2 from Marco Bucci and one anatomy course which i’ll start in two weeks probably. i took “Illustrating Children’s books” and i took “Painting Digital 3” and with those i finally learned how the hell to paint expressions

alice asylum, the moon, denial

I never EVER could paint expressions like this, i’m so happy i took the course, it fixed some issued i had with drawing. the problem is that with my Degree they didn’t explain how things worked and told me basically “painting well is bad, it’s boring, make shit. shit is good, shit is wonderful. poop. poooppp. popopopopoooo.”

alice’s Room in denial

it helped me with sketching out ideas quickly and understanding where things go exactly. it’s not like i didn’t know or was a bad illustrator but i had issues that were never really resolved. even my mom didn’t have anything bad to say- that’s saying something! i’m hoping that when i’ll finish the anatomy course i’ll be able to draw people much easier directly from my head. I USE MODELS. i call one up S.he comes and i take photos of all the poses i need.

The black city of Nuerva, Duarte

and i pose them, take pics, integrate it, paint over the images, etc. i hope that i’ll need that Less and i can improve on that. when i paint people from my head it’s still Not there. it doesn’t look right, i need help with that. above is the comic i’m working on! it’s a prelude of the actual book. small stories combined with one element. it will be only on digital tho. Oh and if i haven’t mentioned it, i sold all the physical copies of Nuerva and i’m not sure on how to promote it yet. i’ll figure that one out.

Our upgrade on AMA is continuing, we have some technical problems but we have good news, perhaps we found a way to upgrade Alice herself. Maybe- we have problems with the programs. i’ll let you know, Also she’ll be the Only model that will be upgraded, we don’t have time or need to update anything else.

I’m going bald. i’m taking the bald people’s pill now. it’s been like that for the last 4 months, i’m shedding hair like a dog. my left hand will probably need surgery to fix stuff there and i can’t seem to be able to ditch some pounds i’m struggling with. WTF i hate getting older. 34 isn’t fun. i saw on Thursday this 40 year old guy who looked… bad and he was referring to my cousin and I as “young kids” like, i know i look young, my cousin is 10 years younger than me, but like… am i suppose to look like him when i hit 40? wtf.

it reminded me- i had my eyebrows micro-bladed and now they look Always like i do them when i do my makeup but Very natural! i’m extremely happy with his work. i drove an hour and a half just to get to him. Israel- top to bottom is 4 hours, so comparing to the country- it’s a lot. that’s why i saw my cousins… they live at that city.

Besides i’m so over this corona thing but at least now i’m setting up dates and see friends and give them the goddamn book copy they ordered! I really wish you guys will like this comic. it’s an experiment and i think 60 pages. when i’ll finish it i’ll need testers so i’m counting on you.