Nocturnal Designz, New video, Q&A Get ready with me

Nocturnal Designz,

who are nocturnal Designz?

HEY! so the site of Nocturnal Designz is finally UP! and I BUILT IT.  They are a small company in LA of my friend’s KC (she’s also signed up to this blog, hello) and they sell / make cool FX makeup stuff. She painted me several times and we have a blast when she comes to Israel.


IF you don’t know KC Mussman’s work and Nucturnal Designz’s work (look at the fish above) than GO HERE and check out the SITE I BUILT! took forever to sort all the portfolio but it was worth it, you can even give me feedback on it. i’m going to open a store there and than copy the whole code for this site, maybe, finally, i’ll have my own store to sell shit at! it can be so much fun! and profitable! i’m really proud of that site and that i actually learned a bit of CSS because of it.

i want to show you some more amazing stuff they make, i picked one from ever genre:

nocturnal designz

i’m very very proud.

Of the site that I built.


i’m turning this about talking about me.

it’s much funnier that way.

but really, they are amazing, i’m dying to work with KC again in December and she has no choice but go on a video with me.

NEW VIDEO: Q&A + Get Ready With Me

**DRUMROLL** You asked! I ANSWERED! or tried to answer while doing my makeup. if you are on the site you can see the Embed video down here or if you are getting this through your subscription you can Click HERE

in this video you’ll see me smearing makeup with my fingers all over my face and starting out with how my REAL hair looks like before i stick on the extensions to make you all go “your hair looks amazeballs”.

I’m thinking about doing like a Cintique review and maybe talk about the tools to use for photoshop, i’m also thinking of creating new video content (besides seeing me paint), if you have an idea- spit it out!

Circus project Update

Remember Con-Art? (Unfinished image on purpose)


I finished the Project! i just need Sharon to give me the last feedback but it’s basically done. NOPE i can’t upload it online but trust me, it’s awesome.

ALSO  “Freaks Like Me” I was about to photograph the last model- the Alpha Male (instead of the earlier model that his agent gave me the face), he cancelled ):

so i’m looking AGAIN for a new Alpha. So stay tuned.

thank you so much for signing in this Blog. I wish that next week i’ll be able to give you a new painting! Please someone trow a bag of money next to my feet so i won’t need a day job.

Thank you very very much. If you want you can comment back to this Email or Directly to this post On site.