Nuerva Preorder and Aghgghh

HI! Do you remember in 2018 i tried to publish my art-book? well, it’s finally Coming and i couldn’t be happier! the reason it failed the first time is because the price was too high and also- you guys know i’m not Viral or Famous. i’m so deeply Jelly of those artists that people just know their work and they sell a lot and paint all day long, i wish i was like that but it’s honestly Tons of luck. Also it’s a matter of your location, I truly believe that a Canadian artist will have more Luck then an israeli one just because of better art-schools etc. Not bitching! just a thought that i had, this makes me even more grateful of you and everyone that is supporting mentally and financially. so really thank you! NOW about the book. this month is all about that book and plans!

omri koresh’s Nuerva Fae Attack

You can preorder it on my site

It will help with the amount of printings as it’s a limited run. the money will go towards the Printing and If there will be any extra it will go towards an Audiobook. i talked to a girl with a Wonderful voice, it’s a bit raspy and it’s beautiful on Fiverr and i think she can do a good job! the cost isn’t very high but no matter how many preorders i will get- it won’t cover the cost, i will need to pay her myself, it will only help at the most. which is fine!

omri koresh’s Nuerva raven glory mother

OH! i have to tell you how i got to that printing place. so there’s this Guy Yehuda Dvir he has 5.3MILLION followers on instagram right? right? an insane amount. so i thought, well, he’s israeli. i can write him an email. i don’t mind getting no response or a no, i’ll ask him like WTF an i doing with my life and if he has any tips on this book process. he told me to self-publish and hooked me up with the place He is printing his comics. he took the time to look at the art and landing page and everything! he’s amazing! and apparently the place is 20 minutes drive FROM MY HOUSE.

Omri Koresh’s Nuerva

So this whole thing, this whole mess that i went through could of been resolved if that place would of been there at 2018. but the good part is that since 2018 i learned In-design which is a very annoying program but once you get the hang of it, it’s fine. so i saved a ton of money on creating the layout for the book- which is an awesome thing as it means lower prices.

I objectify everyone equally.

Now i’m covered when it comes to preorders but if you are a fan, please order one… the next print might be only next year- if there will be any demand for it. i might run out of copies to sell. Also now it’s with a discount but later on… Nope.

OH! remember the comic? so people online liked it. i’m going to continue it, it’s 3.5 short stories that basically merge into one. it’s going to be fun. I was so scared of making a comic like… i never made one. also when i tried… wow it was bad. so when i sat down to make the frames and writing the story.. it only took me 3 hours (1.5 story 1.5 framing) it was ridicules, i’m like… why is this taking me less time than i imagined? i felt guilt.

boobs are hard to draw

but i’ll do it, i will need to “finish” the whole thing and then release it one page at a time. i hope it will be interesting enough to see it like that, no clue if it will but- it’s for fun.

Also… i was always planning to write another book. i have the beginning, i have some specific ideas on what i want to incorporate but i didn’t write the book… because i never released the first one. so now, after the 20’th i can take another adventure and start writing my ass off, it will take pretty much forever but, that’s part of creating. i’m down with that. Omri koresh’s Nuerva Amanda

I have a friend who will take pictures of the product and myself Professionally- for free. and i have the amazing writer Lani Lenore who will help me set up the PDF and Stuff for the book! I don’t know how the hell one promotes a book online but i’ll figure it out. Those… Audiobook… i think i’m covered for now. i’ll need to think- even if i want- to create a brand out of it… don’t know. Don’t care. Get this art piece out already!

For other news…. looking for a gallery for IMI (photography) Painting in oils… a lot. started swimming to lose the fatness, ALICE ALICE ALICE NDS SORRY. Waiting for American to come back already. Trying my luck with creating Video content. the Project in Barcelona is active BTW, so it’s a lot of discussion and design work- still. so a LOT of junk is on my plate and i want cake but i’m on a diet- eat one for me and tell me how savory is it.

I love you All for supporting, even if you won’t buy a copy it’s fine, your soul is going to hell anyway (: