oh my dear god life is hectic

HI! so what’s new? A LOT. A Company from Poland called “All In Games” asked me if i’m available to be an Art director for a small game they are creating. We discussed terms and i said YES but of course- Alice comes first. So i started working… at a second job! i’m so tired it’s ridicules. But i love it, i LOVE being an Art director, i love that i can create worlds and create experiences.

black city of nuerva, omri koresh, art director, comic, free to read, dark goth

i always thought i’d be a classical painter with a studio and shit but you know what? it bores me. it’s boring for me to go to exhibitions and see mediocre paintings or at best such amazing paintings- but not in israel, no one here actually paints, it’s “taboo”. So, see amazing paintings that you stare at them for 10 minutes and move on. Games Last forever. Games are the future, being an Art director is really amazing. galleries die because they are boring AF, usually the art is crap and it’s overpriced.

But being an art director? i know how to lead a team and i know what i want- so there’s no real zigzags and “let’s explore” when i envision a world i understand how to communicate it- well, i hope i do. I also never shut up so i’m good at explaining shit. Either way what i did is i stole Dario and Norman from Alice to give us some designs and atmospheric images, we are creating a vertical slice for December. we needed really small stuff and they are friends so why not give them a few bucks! Dario and norman felchle

I can’t really say info about the project Or show you anything so instead i’ll post images from the finished comic. it’s really fun and hard to design a world but if you have a vision and you know when to tell people to shut up and that their idea is bad (which happens, deal with it) you’ll be ok. the idea is to LEAD not to boss around everyone around you, take the good but know when someone is stepping on your toes to tell them to back off. I had an altercation with one of the guys in the team who is NOT part of the art team. he started giving “me” ideas on how the game should look like etc…

dude, not only that is NOT your job, as an art director i get to listen but if your idea sucks, i need to tell you NO.

like the guy wanted an Arena that is a spider web? you know what’s the problem with that idea? a spiderweb is sticky.

Alice? we are working our butts off, Also started doing Oz stuff. i wish i could show off stuff! i can’t! LOL goddamit. I do can say that i worked with Roman on Alice’s 3d head and he did a good job on it. People remarked that her nose is odd (like not pointed up) and her eyes are still too big and her forhead is alien. All true but i also think that those traits make sense and give her that personality of Alice.

her forehead is actually anatomically correct, it’s just large. her eyes are suppose to be big and her nose shouldn’t be tilted upwards, she’s not swedish. i’m happy most people agree with me that she should have the long hair and that the general face is spot on, i just really want to see this face move and talk and whatever. if i compare This model next to the Madness vertical slice? wow, that’s just a different level.

Last Notes- Nuerva will now, hopefully, be published on “Smashwords” and the audiobook is done, Published on “findawayvoices” ANNDD the Comic is done!

i also published it on Smashwords and it’s FREE. but i think it will take them a moment to authorize everything for me to actually promote it. So audiobook, Comic, Book are done and i’ll need to figure out how the hell to promote them.

I’ll be writing a second book and i know how to start it, so wish me luck, Going to need it.