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HEY! i haven’t written anything since 2014! So much art since then! If you remember, when i was a student, I shared everything, i thought it’s a good way to really have some kind of journal of my art (painting, photography, digital, oils…). That way it will document my process and also i think it’s a good way to express myself. I got so much stuff to update you guys that i’m a bit confused on where to start so right now i’ll just do a small “refresh” and write what pops up… this will be LONG (:


As you know, (or not) i’m a 31 yo israeli artist, i’m “married” (gay marriage is prohibited in Israel) to the most wonderful man ever created. i’m stuck in this country, i work and do art all the time, but unfortunately i don’t have a realistic option to develop an art career in Israel- i also don’t exhibit in Israel because there’s no place that shows my kind of art. I got a clue on what i CAN do, i need to immigrate to the US (Or Canada) and try and work in the art scene. the problem? money and international recognition- they only give out visas to artists if they got an award of some kind and stuff in similarity to that.

Why it’s so hard here?

In Israel people approach me with a lot of love and support but people in the art industry that have a voice- they look at my art as something boring or plastic. Not like I actually think and work and CREATE but like i went to google and downloaded images (sometimes literally telling me that). i’m not insulted i’m just… i don’t think the word is”Depressed” but it’s something at those lines. even when i was a student teachers would talk to me like i’m a moron and i was held back a year because i got so depressed i just couldn’t cope with coming to Uni and i missed an “important” class that was all about the ego of the teachers. i know i’m a good artist, i know i’m intelligent.. perhaps i’m not Perfect but you know!! who-the-fuck-is?!

on good news i got into the exhibition “Taipei 2017” it’s my second year! i’ll exhibit these:

We Are Human, 2015 ART Taipei 2017

i used to work with an israeli art dealer that nothing came out of, galleries here literally tell me that my art isn’t Israeli enough- told the same by an art dealer in LA that specifically sells Israeli art. the israeli artist, Nir Hod;

Nir Hod

FLED Israel, FLED! just because of these stupid reasons.. now he’s one of the top artist in the WORLD. i really hate this place… Israel doesn’t support the arts at all, i never got anything for free, all my education was from my own pocket- BUT the plus size is that the general first degrees in Israel are quite cheap! so at least i didn’t need to get a stupid huge loan from the bank for that.


you saw my I’m Not A Doll series, i’m creating a new one “Freaks like me”

Freaks Like Me, 2017, Photography, omri koresh

it’s going to be different, instead of capturing the face i’m going to focus more on the body, i have no idea how it will look like in the end but i’m just going to roll with it. this is a disclaimer- this will be my last Large photography project, i’m ditching the platform. i’ll do like portraits and perhaps some collabs like i did with amazingly talented KC Mussman:

KC Mussman, Topaz Arbell, omri koresh, Nocturnal Designez

but i’m not going to continue on doing solo projects. I want to paint, i miss painting, i miss oils, i miss simplicity. I’m old! I don’t get social media, i also don’t care as much as i should.
But I will be making videos though. Videos are cool,  i like showing processes of painting and stuff like that and talking to the camera. The big brother house in israel talked to me about maybe participating in the show but i’m honestly kinda scared and i’m not sure it will even help me with art at all.

Would you go on the show if you were me?

just  a video:


Got solid and good sketches, got canvases and i even traced them; BUT i need to get my boss’s camera to capture the painting. This day and age if you don’t record it- it didn’t happen! As for digital painting, honestly i always did it because it’s good money. I’m still making a bit of money here and there. I work as a wed designer ( i built my own site) so digital painting is good income from the side. The Process of it is boring when it’s random.

let me explain it by mentioning my last project that’s a BIG DEAL for me; Nuerva, Art Book, Digital medium (bit of details below) this very very cool project is being built slowly. This is the biggest project i have EVER made. In this case when i got a full world to draw from digital painting becomes FUN. I got enough materials for a specific style so it’s a lot of fun to create digital paintings.

Nuerva PreviewNUERVA, Art Book, Digital Medium.

I had a dream, (literally), i wrote it. Then got two friends of mine who work as book editors, they helped me, now working on the art. I’ll write about it in my next post- next week. this project really deserves it’s own post.
Generally, this is where i’m at. I’m a bit lost, a bit tired but i’ll march on.