as i promised! the boring stuff they are forcing me to do
but i kinda like it,
i’m going to make this short and i have to point out that these images are not photographed properly, i really should buy a good camera (remember enlarge by clicking the photos!)

Me and my teacher call it “Obsession” i’m making one like this every week, when i’ll finish this little “project” i’ll show you WTF.
overall it tought me to relax my hand and just to have fun with color, and it’s ok to get messy with it, that’s the only way to really study color correctly.

(right) i was asked to paint him again, from the pink one

(left) yes! i fixed him up, i didn’t like his original body.

More after the jump!

Girl and Boy, something about thinking and understanding,
he thinks she gets it!

a whisper, oohhhh frightning- basically it’s two paintings but i merged them into one.


and lastly an Oil paint, there’s another one but i’ll upload it when i’ll finish it with process shots!
and i got a huge Collage on the way
220×160 CM (or 87×63 inch) as well i got a lot of exercises and other stuff to show you, but these are just more interesting then that bullshit.
i hope you like it, until next time.
get laid.