Orit Fux, Freaks Like me Update.

Orit Fux,

Hey! I photographed Orit Fux.

She’s some sort of weird woman here in israel that had TONS of plastic surgery done and now she has the biggest boobs ever. BTW she’s number 14/20.

Orit Fux, freaks like me, art, photography, model

She is suprizingly sweet, humble and looks like plastic! but it’s totaly fine, if you remember i need her to be Plastic.

Orit Fux, freaks like me, art, photography, model

The meet was so strange, she started asking me questions about my sexuality like she never met a gay guy. Israel might be religious but it’s not like i can’t walk with my husband in the street holding hands- it’s not a big deal. She was so curious if i was transitioning to a woman… (nope) and so much weird stuff. I thought she’d be more like Amanda Lepore, more aware of the LGBT community. ALSO on this note, i have to add, if the LGBT community will add another letter i quite and i call everyone Lesbians- that’s what my grandmother did. Also i still don’t care what CIS is.

Back to Orit, I thought she was wearing blue contacts, well, nope! she has beautiful blue eyes. But they are slanted to the sides like a cat and her forehead bone is really shaved off and isn’t equal on both sides. I tried to draw eyebrows on it and what ever i did i couldn’t get them at the same shape. Good thing there’s Photoshop!

for other news

  • The Con-Art magazine? the photographer for the Circus project SAID he’ll send me the materials, talk is cheap so we will have to see.
  • There’s an AGENT meet somewhere next week! I hope for the best, let’s see wtf is wrong with me and how to enlarge my audience without making me look like an idiot.
  • There’s another meeting with a friend of mine, the Photographer GUY DANIELI. That guy is AMAZING. we talked about a mutual project together and we came up with:

Orit Fux, freaks like me, art, photography, model, guy danieli, sketch

If you remember i talked about it and now we can schedule a shoot with models and shit. So things seem really hopeful for the moment and i really want to get THINGS DONE. i’m going back to painting, Wish me luck!