Painting, Camera and Circus Freaks


HEY! i got my own video camera, finally, now i don’t have to loan from my work. Means that i’ll be able to paint MORE in oils and capture it for cool videos. I can do more videos of me talking about topics that bug me and do more stuff more fluently. It’s pretty cool.

ALSO, i just finished THIS painting (CLICK FOR VIDEO)

painting, oil painting, fine art, gallery, exhibition, beautiful

i LOVE the way she came out but i got a feeling that the rest of the images of this series will be better. It’s like she’s almost TOO sharp and the colors are not gray enough. Like i’m detoxing from my earlier series of “We Are Human”


painting, WAH: Save the Beauty, Oil, 39"x39"

The next painting will be the boy. I love painting, i wish i had more time to do it. I need sponsors, Is Pepsi available?

Conart Magazine, Circus

Remember the Circus concept i told you about? well, i wanted to give you a sneak peek into the work itself. I’m not going to give my personal opinion on the photographer or why this project didn’t work. I’m just going to say i’m humbled to work on something with this much potential and it’s going to be awesome.

Anyway- I got about 10 images per concept. A very large mix of all of them, the example here isn’t finished yet, hopefully i’ll finish it by sunday…


These are the materials i hand picked from a HUGE pile of images.

I created a mockup- every green circle is an image that i used. just to clarify the amount of images used for YOU.


this is the half baked goods. i still have to work on it, i need to remove some of the clutter, tone down the colors, give them more expression. i need to make the girls a bit different. You can clearly see it’s the same girl over and over again. I want also to add more HAIR in the image, don’t know if it will fit but i can try. I’ll update you (:

Freaks like me Update

TODAY i’m photographing number 19/20, number 20 is Me. So i finished photographing my series BUT there’s a hold back, why? one of the models’s agent didn’t approve him to sign the contract. ALL my models sign contracts to keep my butt covered- YES even friends. As an artist you NEVER know who you are dealing with financially so i keep everything orderly and written, nothing vocal, TEXTUAL.

so i have to re-do number 18. Re-sketch the concept according to the body type i had in mind and redo the shoot. Had the same problem with the earlier series when i model didn’t stop moving super-fast.

BUT because i can’t actually use the image in the series i can show you guys the sketch FROM the photograph

painting, matan lavie,

Too bad, the image works, i could of made something so awesome from it. Oh well, NEXT VICTIM!

Thanks for tuning in, If you want you can write back to me, directly, to this email. (: