Paintings, sexy squares and Freaks like me

Paintings? well, IF you and you probably watched me for a while you know i was zigzagging with all my paintings and what i want to paint! Well, hopefully no more.

remember 2013-2015 paintings?

My earlier paintings were very dark and dramatic and realistic-

lot's wife turning into salt paintings

And then i tried forcing myself painting with tons of vibrant colors, with lines that come naturally to me (without models).

save the beauty paintings


I didn’t connect to them, at the time i thought i did but after a while, I just couldn’t connect. in my arts degree it was such a pain in the ass and i didn’t learn jack shit there. A total waste of time and no feedback. The teachers thought i was a smart-ass because i’m not a YES man. Yes that still pisses me off (: one day i’ll get over it, probably with the first big check.

After a while i just stopped painting and i had to figure out What/Who i am, to what do i emotionally connect? well, first of all i found out that Yup i love painting sexy images but it always looks pornographic. Apparently i love pastels and grays (who knew) and i love lounging people- men, women, dogs etc.

lounging woman hot sexy paintings

Her first layer. finally got the time to do it, she’ll look at the end like:lounging woman hot sexy paintings

No idea where this new artistic path will lead me but i started it and i’m planning to go for it this time. I also recorded it so hopefully i’ll get a cool video out of all this.

I like lounging and sexy with old-classical outfits from the American fashion of the 40’s and 50’s (with a twist of course). like this dress and the girl under her mixed together. there’s something fresh about it.

paintings paintings

Freaks like me

Right now i’m booking models and i got such a good response from everyone i meet, it’s super flattering. For me i’m just a guy stuck in a studio without day light. Which is fine because i don’t like daylight, trees, birds… anything, i like cement.

photography paintings

Me and Alina right after our shoot, my camera started to act up and my next session it became even worse and now it’s suddenly fine. i have no idea what is going on there but i hope it’ll hold on for at least 4 sessions that i already have scheduled. My beautiful models are actually humbling me by volunteering in my project for free. It’s a big deal.

the reason i’m not actually placing the actual  photos- as in the future if i’d want it to be published it’s a problem when it’s online (:

My Bimbo portrait


I always wanted to be a blonde knock-out. instead i’m a boy and i’m brownish, which is totally fine. Anyway, this is with JUST makeup, taken with my phone.

photography paintings

i like how it came out, it’s funny and i kinda look like a character from GTA. But one of the hookers.
photography paintings photography paintings

If you want to see the video process of this nonsense that i had so much fun creating

Click here (:



Omri (sorry for the double emails, i got a bit of a mix-up)