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Freaks, First if you came here for the Wallpaper Or if you Signed up To my BLOG. Here’s a small present (:

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NOW, Hey! how do you celebrate the holidays? do you do Christmas or do you do Hanuka… or just go clubbing? Personally, i don’t do anything. But i’ll be celebrating with friends the NoviGod which is the Russian better version of Christmas which has Booze and Food. I don’t really get holidays, our family doesn’t really get holidays, i think in general i prefer to paint and sleep instead of doing family dinners and stuff that involves actually meeting people from my family.

Freaks Like ME

anyway, i wanted to update you on my next photography series, “Freaks Like me” (Title is still pending at omrikoresh inc). I photographed 5 models out of 20. i’m attaching 2 concepts with their sketched out photo for examples..


In the picture one of my regular models, Shelly Skullington. freaks like me, Shelly Skullington

I really like using the same models and co-workers, in that way i know what to expect and also, in most cases we become friends and we can do art together!

anyway, it’s a sketch of the concept, after i’ll photograph all the models i’ll start working on it properly. for each model i create a specific pose, the girls have the same undies and the guys the same boxers. the story is the emotion behind the body, i think (not sure) that when i’ll complete the series, hopefully, the audience will be able to feel the oddity. The detachment from the ideal beauty to whatever i created from these beautiful models.


Nona Chalant, Freaks like me (black scribbles are a placeholder for tattoos or designs)

Sometimes after i take a model’s picture the visual changes so i just Go with it. Nona is Ronny’s alter ego, Nona is a magnificent Drag Queen. He’s a modest and very awesome individual and invited me to the most amazing even i have ever been to- An alternative fashion/drag show. if you guys will write me if you’d like to hear about it i’ll write about it next week.


i’m trying to photograph all the people, the porportion is like last time, 5 guys, 15 girls, it might change in the course of the work and btw sometimes some images are added later on, like-

KC Mussman, I’m not a doll, 2016.

KC mussman by

BTW the tattoos she’s “wearing” are actually pencil sketches and ink of mine that i turned into tattoos.

I even cut out images from the series. Because eventually i found them Not fitting the level OR the style, like in Veronika‘s case.

The fingers are not placed perfectly and i needed to photograph her a bit further.

This is only, as you know, my second project that is BIG. I still feel like i have no idea what i’m doing but- people think i do! so i roll with it!

thank you for the AMAZING support. If you guys enjoy reading my weekly babble suggest this blog to your friends. Even if like you got questions for me, go for it.