Photoshoot at Guy Danieli and Dresses!



Nuerva, my book needs only 4 paintings and then I’ll start the BETA in a month or two (after doing the general layout)-

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Hey! Well, last week I had a small photoshoot at Guy Danieli

I’ll post here the full series. I’ll be using them one per week as a profile pic on facebook to promote Guy’s work. The first look is my “regular” one, with the CROWN. We tried to push towards 3 looks but we just didn’t have the time. It takes a lot of time doing the makeup and light etc. BTW here’s his Instagram

photoshoot, © Guy Danieli, All Rights Reserved M+Post: MA: @Shirel_Bubis

Second look we tried to make me look like a real girl! Not drag! but honestly i had to saw of some of my jaw in photoshop, i got delicate features but not THAT delicate!

photoshoot, © Guy Danieli, All Rights Reserved<br /> M+Post:<br /> MA: @Shirel_Bubis

Makeup was done by Shirel Bubis, she’s so adorable and i really didn’t have to retouch a lot. We agreed that my eyebrows need to be lifted so she actually painted the eyebrows higher, with hair and everything, and i removed my originals in photoshop. I felt like Sophia Loren.

I never had a coat of so much makeup on my face, but i love the outcome, it looks so clean and it still looks like me (kinda) OH hair is wigs, both are wigs. I’ll use the images with the crown for self-promotion everywhere!!

Dolls!! and DRESSES!!!

I just realized something yesterday, i’m going to print my dolls in 3D… their proportions will change and i don’t know if the dresses i already created will fit! Also, i don’t create sketches for them, i just got it in my head. I made some just to show you my process:


I don’t have names for them yet but I got the design and personality down. She’s my humble princess, the dress is like Unicorn vomit. Ombre pink hair.


Fashionista type, a bit over the top, hopefully playful, White hair.


This isn’t done actually and it’s the first time i’m doing a mermaid dress and use METAL. I had to be careful not to cut my fingers. She’ll hold a key, i think Gray hair.

Next week i’m going to commission my friend Kyle for reworking 3d files for me. i’ll give them LONG legs and thin them out. i’ll show you if there’s anything interesting (:

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