Playtness Stigo

Fitness Platform

Playtness offers the user a fitness platform that includes gamified fitness regimes, complete with the Playtness Stigo avatar and access to top personal trainers from around the world. UX existed, i just needed to make sure it’s fun, readable as trainees move and with enough contrast for the screens


UI design


Juno Group


2 weeks

Final Design


Client wanted a gaming style platform similar to Tekken. They knew what they wanted but they didn’t understand how to make it look fun and still fit with the gym theme and masculine.


I wanted to incorporate movement, keeping with the Tekken theme. But Slicker, bright and fun.



White and bright


Sharp angles


Having Fun!

01. Unlike most games - No colors

A blocky transparent black for all elements. White with an aura or a reflection of light blue. Using all surfaces in mirror like style.

having all fonts simple, clean and bright. Minimal artistry but I did put the DNA strand on top as it’s about how much you build your body.

02. Sharp angles

Having angles gives the design more flow and movement.

The screen is smaller than an Ipad but bigger than a phone. so it’s important for the shapes to make a big statement.

When a person works out they move, so the designs need to be blocky and clear from a far.

03. having fun!

The design shouldn’t be too slick, so icons play, movement plays and the designs are slightly silly.

Visual Research

Final Design

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